Not only can improving the general understanding of the nursing profession allow individuals to see nurses in a more positive light, it would serve as great opportunities to motivate other nurses to join the sector. Here are some suggestions that you, as a nurse, can consider using to educate the public on your job.

Conduct seminars and talks with experienced nurses

These seminars can take place anywhere. Community centres, neighbourhoods and schools are examples of places where seminars and talks can be conducted.

During these talks, there can be question and answer sessions that allow laypeople to put forth their questions to get greater knowledge and understanding of what nurses do. Sharing firsthand about what goes behind the scenes of the typical nursing role can help to educate the public greatly.

Allow young children to take part in role play

A Mexican chain of companies known as KidZania has opened one of their developments in Singapore. Over here, children can learn about the different careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money.

Of course, a hospital is included, complete with an operating theatre and CT scan room. Kids can role play as doctors, nurses and paramedics and get a feel of what healthcare providers experience on a daily basis. Along the way, not only can children be positively influenced by the experience, it may form better opinions of the profession and encourage them to pursue the profession.

Work with communities, homes and the media

Working with communities and homes is one good way to meet with the local people to promote and spread knowledge of the nursing occupation.

The media is also a good way to promote nursing. However, if you are keen to make use of the media to showcase the perks of your profession, do ensure that you do so carefully. Additionally, be sure that news coverage does not just cover doctors, but the nurses as well.

Positive PR is beneficial for the overall image and public reception of nurses. Nurses can also create their own media – through the use of content, websites and blogs, they can relay the profession to others who read them.

Facilitate communication with nurses and the public

Communication between nurses and the public should be pushed for. Essentially, it is not a difficult thing to do – in this digital age, even social media could be used for communication. Nurses can choose to share their clinical wisdom and skill through social media.

Apart from educating the public on the nursing profession, you can also consider obtaining patient feedback. Patient Opinion, an independent site that allows patients to share their experiences on UK health services, consequently enables conversations between patients and enables healthcare providers to know how patients feel about the treatment and care that was provided to them.

Another two platforms include Youthhealthtalk and Healthtalkonline, where information and experiences are shared about patients’ specific conditions, treatment choices and support. Essentially, this will enable nurses to understand some of the current loopholes in nursing, which will enable them to better engage the public when educating them about the profession. MIMS

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