A new study is suggesting to include mushrooms in many breakfast dishes as it is an ingredient that satisfies the appetite better and for a longer period than meat-rich breakfast.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota noted that mushroom is commonly used in breakfast fare and can replace meats as a source of protein.

“As with previous published research, this study indicates there may be both a nutritional and satiating benefit to either substituting mushrooms for meat in some meals or replacing some of the meat with mushrooms,” said study author Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD and professor at the university.

In the study, researchers matched mushroom and meat by protein content as well as caloric content and observed its effect on satiety.

Seventeen female and 15 male participants consumed two servings of mushroom or meat daily for 10 days. Portion sizes were based on matched protein content of both mushrooms (226 g) and meat (28 g).

“Results showed a significant difference on satiety ratings between the mushroom and meat consumption. Participants reported significantly less hunger, greater fullness and decreased prospective consumption after consuming a mushroom breakfast compared to a meat breakfast,” wrote the researchers.

Dietician Mary Jo Feeney, research coordinator at the Mushroom Council added the results have implications in weight management and satiety.

“Consumers are interested in the belief of protein food choices, so it’s important for them to know that plant-based sources of protein, such as mushrooms, can be satisfying,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the researchers also stressed that blending meat with vegetables is an even better option.

“From meatless meals to plant-centric plates, there are many ways to gradually decrease meat consumption without loss of flavor,” they wrote.

The researchers cited a one year trial by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health wherein the participants substituted mushroom for lean ground beef. The participants reduced their daily energy and fat intake yet maintained their satiety, and even lost seven pounds.

Mushrooms, apart from the being a good substitute for meat, contain germanium which enables the body to use oxygen more effectively; an antioxidant selenium, plus iron, Vitamin C, and dietary fibre. MIMS