With the increasing prevalence of technology, having an online presence and maintaining a good reputation online has become increasingly important for doctors. This is because the internet has become one of the ways that patients look for doctors or medical practices. Here are a few ways in which doctors can manage their online reputation.

Take care of your online presence

Doctors need to work proactively towards creating their online presence. This will help them to uphold their reputation as well as the perception that others have about their medical practice. 

Creating an official website

By using search engine optimisation (SEO), doctors can make their website reachable to millions online. The website will need to include a variety of keywords and should be available through the dozens of search engines available online, such as Google, Bing, Aol Search, Yahoo! Search and Ask.

All the important information should be posted on the website. These include doctors’ names, services, address and phone number of the practice and any other details that are considered important for patients to know about their practice.

Yellow Pages

It is important for doctors to list the services of their medical practice in their local directory listings. These include websites such as the Yellow Pages, business listings, medical society listings, insurance-provider lists, Google Plus pages, community, hospital databases, city search directories and similar websites. It is important to maintain and update all the information that is listed on these listings sites.

Social media

Presence on social media is very important for doctors. Many patients rely on the internet will always check the information on doctors and medical practices online. When a medical practice and its doctors have their own online presence, patients feel relieved. Creating a social media presence includes having official accounts on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and also blogs. These social media accounts should be regularly updated.

Be involved

No matter what a doctor’s online reputation may say about him, patients get to accurately know the doctor when he is present and active online. Doctors should not be afraid to get involved in online discussions by sharing their professional opinion. Social media platforms help doctors to stay and keep it real, which allow patients to see the real side of their doctors. 

Online Ratings and Reviews


At the end of the doctor’s consultation with his patients, he can encourage them to go online and rate his practice. He may also consider providing them with a link to an online rating site that he trusts, so that patients can easily go there to rate his practice. He can send the link through emails, SMS or provide it on paper to the patients.

Reply to the comments

Comments online from patients should never be ignored. Whether it is positive or negative, doctors or a representative from the medical practice should always reply to the comments online. A doctor cannot control what others say about him, but he can tell his side of the story as well. Prompt responses to every comment will allow patients to see that his practice is a responsible place of business with professionals that care about their consumers. MIMS

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