• 5 more appalling breaches of trust by healthcare professionals
    We often trust our doctors and nurses, very often with our lives. However, in this last part of two, we detail these five cases where they broke our trust, either by sending obscene photos while in operation, to leaving mid-surgery.
  • 5 horrific breaches of trust by healthcare professionals
    Patients often trust doctors and nurses deeply, and sometimes they leave their lives in the hands of healthcare professionals. However, in this first part of two, we detail these five cases where they broke that sacred trust.
  • Should healthcare professional accept gifts from their patients?
    It is natural for patients to gift their physicians as an expression of their gratitude, but not all gifts to doctors bear innocent intentions. Physicians need to know when to turn down gifts that can potentially jeopardise the patient-doctor relationship.
  • Pharmacist found to have destroyed $1.5m worth of cancer drugs
    An Israeli pharmacist has destroyed massive amounts of cancer drug. His motivation behind such an act? Not getting his promotion.
  • Two patient deaths as a result of pharmacists’ errors
    When medications are the patient’s lifeline, pharmacists are facing increasing pressure to deliver competent service. In separate incidences, two pharmacists in Canada made tragic medication errors that led to fatalities.
  • GP in Singapore sentenced to prison for illicit sale of cough syrup
    Making over S$600,000 in profit from the illegal sale of 25,765 bottles of cough preparation to drug abusers, Dr Tan Gek Young was sentenced to a two-year jail term and a S$130,000 fine by the court.
  • Singaporean dentist suspended for delegating procedures to unqualified assistants
    Instead of personally performing orthodontic procedures on a patient, Dr. Sng Wee Hock delegated the tasks to his clinic assistants, who were not qualified to do so. For breaching the ethical code and guidelines of the Singapore Dental Council, he was suspended for 15 months and fined S$40,000.
  • Singaporean GP guilty of misconduct suspended by SMC for second time
    The disciplinary tribunal ordered the GP a six-month suspension and a fine of $10,000 after he pleaded guilty of two counts of professional misconduct and for failing to provide care to his patient.
  • How bad is the counterfeit drug problem in Malaysia?
    Unfortunately, the issue of availability of counterfeit drugs is widespread within the Asia Pacific region, including Malaysia. To combat such an issue, the relevant stakeholders including pharmacists should have at least a basic understanding of the situation.
  • Nursing home nurse boasted of murder plans beforehand
    A nurse has been sentenced to 36 years in jail for premeditated murder of two elderly patients at the Australian nursing home where she had been employed.