• Compulsive shopping and hoarding: A growing trend among Hong Kong adults
    A recent Greenpeace survey found Hong Kong to be the most shopaholic and wasteful city – beating out other regions, such as Taiwan, China, Italy and Germany, by a large margin. The survey discovered that two-thirds of Hong Kong consumers owned more clothes than they needed, with another half owning brand new clothes with tags still on.
  • The ‘surplus’ of psychiatric nurses in Hong Kong
    The recently released Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning & Professional Development report claimed that there is a surplus of psychiatric nurses in Hong Kong. However, the forecast is based upon the existing service level. One should note that under existing service levels, the nurse to patient ratio in Hong Kong often reaches 1:10 – 12, much lower than the international standard of 1:4 – 6.
  • Rich city. Underfunded hospitals. Is the Hong Kong government doing their best to retain doctors in the public healthcare sector?
    On 14 June 2017, Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development report was released to the public. However, questions remain unanswered as to whether the recommended measures are sufficient to address manpower shortages at public hospitals and alleviate the pressure on frontline healthcare workers.
  • Behind the scenes of the first-ever micro movie on hospital pharmacists in Hong Kong
    The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong (SHPHK) released a micro-movie featuring hospital pharmacists this March, receiving overwhelming responses within the healthcare community. In this exclusive interview, MIMS sits down with William Chun-Ming Chui, President of SHPHK, Cherrie Li, Resident Pharmacist and Ellen Lai, Clinical Pharmacist—as our guests share about the reason and driving factor behind the decision to produce the movie from the very start, and more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and actions.
  • Is prescribing medicines with pictures the solution to medication non-adherence in Hong Kong?
    A study published in May 2016 recruited 2,445 subjects with an average age of 65.3 years in Hong Kong. Results showed that as many as 46.6% of hypertensive patients had poor medication adherence. What is the possible solution to tackle this issue?
  • Is Hong Kong’s rising Gini Coefficient indicating a growing health disparity?
    Hong Kong’s Gini Coefficient has reached a new high of 0.539, up by a factor of 0.002 from 0.532 in 2011, indicating a growing disparity between the rich and the poor. Is the rise in Gini Coefficient also indicating a growing health disparity in the society?
  • Elderly couple murder case sparks debate on legalising euthanasia in Hong Kong
    On the 6th of June, an elderly Hong Kong man was arrested on suspicion of killing his chronically ill and disabled wife. Following the incident, the issue of euthanasia has once again been brought to light within the Hong Kong mass media.
  • MIMS expands digital offerings for doctors
    Doctors will have full access to MIMS when they complete their online accounts. Starting June this year, doctors will get unrestricted access to exclusive MIMS services and professional resources, once their online accounts are successfully verified. The launch will kickstart in Singapore and Hong Kong, and will eventually be rolled out to other countries.
  • Anti-AIDS strategy released for Hong Kong
    The Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS recently published its Recommended HIV/AIDS Strategies for 2017-2021 on 22 May.
  • Young pharmacists geared up to reshape the future of pharmacy in Hong Kong
    Are you interested in shaping the future of pharmacy in Hong Kong? In this exclusive interview, co-founders of Pharmacists Connect shared with MIMS their visions in uniting the cross sector voices of pharmacists — and ultimately, shaping the future of the pharmacy profession in the city for the benefit of the public health.