In this #HCPsofMY video, Ms Sarah Abdullah, a compounding pharmacist and supreme council member of Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild (MCPG) shares a short message to young pharmacists that, if the future of medicine is in personalised treatment, compounding pharmacy could be the way forward.


My message for any pharmacists out there, also pharmacy students, if you are interested in going into compounding pharmacy, I would say go for it, because I foresee that the future of medicine is in personalised treatment, and personalised treatment will need personalised medicine.

Most of the time, products are not available for paediatric children for whatever illnesses, for whatever diseases.

So, if a compounding pharmacist choose to go into paediatric treatment, that’s where I see how compounding pharmacy can benefit children of the future the most.

As a pharmacist, you must always remember that you have to have the patients in mind, and the medicines that we compound must be of efficacy and of quality.

So, go out there, do it, and take the training that you need to take anywhere in the world. MIMS

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