Mai Chun Wai is a lecturer and researcher at the International Medical University (IMU)’s Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department. In this video, he shares how being actively involved in a non-government organization (NGO) helps to keep him motivated in facing his hectic days.


I would say that the field still needs a lot of pharmacists to be coming in, especially when it comes to R&D. Let’s say for drug discovery, we don’t have drugs for many, many years already. There are no new molecules being launched; there’s no new molecules being found, because everything we can do we already kind of optimised to the max. So, there is still a lot of limitations and challenges that we are facing now that need to be pushed forward.

Choose based on what you really like and what you’re interested in. The reason is because you’re going to be stuck with the job for the rest of your life.

Actually, to be honest, day-to-day job no matter I’m doing a lot of research and things like that, sometimes you’ll feel the burnout and you’ll feel like, ‘I’m just doing a routine job’ and things like that.

The only time I get to detach myself and relax is, so-called, is actually when I was doing the NGO activities, which is with the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society.

We’ve gone through a lot of things. I’ve made new friends, and in fact, some of them ended up becoming my collaborator. It does help my career as well. Some of them we become very good friends, we hang out most of the time. In fact, sometimes we don’t talk about work, we just go for holiday, travelling. Some of them are my regular travelling buddies, and things like that.

Sometimes people think that you don’t have the time to contribute to NGO society. I would say that the time is the way you plan it, the way you arrange it. You always have time for something, it’s just whether it is your priority or not. MIMS

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