The government has formulated a revised proposal for the composition of the Medical Council. 

Under the new plan, the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine will have two additional seats, bringing the total to four. Two seats will be appointed, while two will be elected.

The Hospital Authority and the Department of Health will have one less seat each. 

The total number of council members will remain 32 as previously proposed.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam made the statement before the Executive Council meeting on October 10, saying the plan is expected to be widely supported by stakeholders.

She said Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan and her colleagues have worked hard in recent months to get constructive feedback.

"I am pretty confident that it will meet with the requests of various sectors, including the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, because the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine was also not very happy about their number of seats being maintained at only two seats out of the expanded 32 seats.

"And they also want to maintain, maybe, some of the seats should not be opened up for election. So we have come up with this revised proposal."

Lam hopes the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2017 will be presented to the Legislative Council Bills Committee for discussion and then tabled for a second LegCo reading as soon as possible. MIMS