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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Two new sessions will debut at the 16th Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress (SHBC 2018) to be held from 25–27 October 2018 at MAX Atria, Singapore EXPO.

Dr Nurhazinat bt Mohd Yunus, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist talks about the most common concerns that pregnant patients have regarding hepatitis B and how to counsel them.

Dr Ahmad Munawwar Helmi, the chief coordinator for the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia’s Response and Relief Team (IMARET) shares about the organization and their role in assisting refugees, especially those in Malaysia.

The Communications Officer of Women’s Aid Organization (WAO), Tan Heang-Lee, talks about the organization and how healthcare professionals (HCPs) play an important role in identifying domestic violence.

Providing healthcare services does not come cheap, and it seems to provide slim profit margins for hospitals. On top of that, there are unclaimed medical bills—accumulated over the years—which leads to financial strain and difficulties to upgrade the services. Not forgetting also, with the rising cost of living, the healthcare prices have also increased—leaving many unable to pay their medical bills, and ultimately, the amount of healthcare debt to increase.

Muslims who have health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, gastritis, and hypertension should be extra careful during the fasting period of Ramadan. Dietitian Norzainora Hamsah from Kuala Lumpur Hospital's Department of Dietetics and Food Services has advised the importance of a balanced diet for such individuals.

Career first. Babies later. That’s how modern women plan their lives today. The downside to this is by the time they’re ready to get pregnant, infertility problems may have already set in.

MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2018 winner Dr Abdullah Al-Hadi discusses his research and its potential benefits to cancer patients.

About $60 million for research projects on virus-induced cancer, age-related macular disease and lung cancer.

Patients with blood disorder are usually managed by haematologists and healthcare professionals from certain specialties. Here are some facts about the management of haemophilia carriers during pregnancy and postpartum care.

As our nation goes into its 14th general election, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) would like to highlight areas to which the government needs to give urgent and immediate attention; issues of patient rights, patient safety, financial sustainability and equitable provision of health.