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Despite having much to lose if caught, researchers and scientists still commit academic fraud. They often cite pressure as one of the motivating factors to do so, whereas, for others, the monetary incentive can be too large to ignore. Can this problem be solved?

The peer review process is essentially a part of the journal submission system in academic publishing. But, what happens when some researchers decide to bypass this process?

This week, researchers suggest the importance of timing for patients needing gallstone and weight-loss surgeries, and the remote chance of heart screening in preventing cardiac arrest among athletes. Meanwhile, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorises the medical device designed for opioid withdrawal.

Scientists may have found the key to unlock the mystery of antibiotic-resistant bacteria through whole (entire) genome sequencing.

A number of studies now suggest that patients suffering from lupus may be at a significantly greater risk of developing dementia as compared to individuals without the chronic autoimmune disease.

Humoral medicine has been deemed irrelevant especially among modern medicine practitioners as they lack truly effective treatment and are not evidence based. Even so, not everything from that day and age is inappropriate.

Staggering healthcare costs can drastically shrink access to potentially life-saving procedures. In this article, we investigate the necessity of robots, face masks and caps in the operating theatre.

A number of recent studies have involved transplanting human brain organoids into rats – an action that has since garnered debates concerning ethical issues related to such experimentation.

The World Medical Association (WMA) has recently approved a newly revised version of the Hippocratic Oath, at the 68th World Medical Association General Assembly, in October 2017—after a decade of stagnancy.

A boy with a disease commonly referred to as butterfly children, an incurable disease escaped death with the gift of a new skin, while scientists continue to find cure.

A new study shows that certain levels of antibodies can be lethal to second dengue infections due to antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).
News Bites: Understanding cancer spread through worms, Bacteria able to swap antibiotic resistance

This week, researchers discover a link between OCD and educational underachievement, the American Epileptic Association recommends a new diet for children with epilepsy and computer programs are fielded to help schizophrenia.