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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Putting forward the notion that “women are healers”, MIMS Today’s editorial desk brings to you our #HealsInHeels special feature—with a month of amazing, empowering stories—dedicated to our women in healthcare. Part 1 will showcase four leading women in healthcare who have contributed to the country’s firsts, who are inspiration to many and who are making waves in the healthcare industry. They are showing the world that they are women of worth—symbolising a #WOW force of nature not to be meddled with.

Malaysia’s public healthcare sector is facing a shortage of staff – especially specialists. Many doctors and nurses are encouraged to go abroad to upgrade their skills, yet the government is not providing them unpaid leave for that purpose. There is also no mention of a guaranteed job when they return. Can Malaysia get out of this catch-22 situation?

In a growing trend, locums are hired to cover for doctors’ sick days, vacation, or staff vacancies. But, are they able to provide the same level of care as the doctors they are filling in for?

This week, a team of researchers made a breakthrough discovery on type 2 diabetes, while new imaging modality uncovers more on depression and video games are used to improve trauma recognition.

When patients malign their doctors with negative online reviews, it can turn ugly. This article explores the reasons doctors are in uniquely tricky situations when they are faced with criticisms—and the ways they can best respond to them.

Adolescence is a confusing period for many. And for some, coming-of-age issues are very real. Unfortunately, for some, it ends badly with suicide. Now, some studies are providing deeper understanding – some unexpected – into such a decision made by teenagers.

Despite having much to lose if caught, researchers and scientists still commit academic fraud. They often cite pressure as one of the motivating factors to do so, whereas, for others, the monetary incentive can be too large to ignore. Can this problem be solved?

The peer review process is essentially a part of the journal submission system in academic publishing. But, what happens when some researchers decide to bypass this process?

This week, researchers suggest the importance of timing for patients needing gallstone and weight-loss surgeries, and the remote chance of heart screening in preventing cardiac arrest among athletes. Meanwhile, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorises the medical device designed for opioid withdrawal.

Scientists may have found the key to unlock the mystery of antibiotic-resistant bacteria through whole (entire) genome sequencing.

A number of studies now suggest that patients suffering from lupus may be at a significantly greater risk of developing dementia as compared to individuals without the chronic autoimmune disease.