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Medical School Nurse Interviews

A number of recent studies have involved transplanting human brain organoids into rats – an action that has since garnered debates concerning ethical issues related to such experimentation.

Fired medical staff, who has a fear of blood, is suing NHS England for failing to regard his phobia as a disability – claiming "disability discrimination" over his sacking.

A Massachusetts pharmacist allegedly linked to a health scandal in the US may have been controversially cleared of murder – but, was also not let off the hook easily. Glenn Chin was found guilty of fraud and racketeering of the mould-tainted steroids, which resulted in 76 deaths in the worst American public health crisis.

In the past week, the pharmaceutical industry witnessed appeals courts overturning verdicts amounting to almost USD500 million in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder cases. Judges ruled that there was no evidence linking ovarian cancer to the talc-based product. But, is that all there is to it?

NHS doctors will be required by law to ask patients about their sexual orientation, under the new NHS guidelines. There has been disagreement among some healthcare professionals – while some explains why this move is necessary.

Doctor’s behaviour in surgery room has puzzled medical council enough that they decided to suspend his license.

Morphine supplies are inaccessible to many patients in dire need of pain relief around the world—leading to preventable deaths. It is especially apparent in poorer countries, where supplies are not only inadequate; but, also costlier. On the other side of the coin, richer countries not only have it cheaper – but in excess to abuse.

Given the abhorrent lifetime complications many women, who have had the transvaginal mesh fitted, are having—should the device be banned, even though a small minority of women’s lives are better because of it?

Bogus dentist, Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli had her viral post backfired, when the Health Ministry and NGOs (PPIM and PPEIM) denied playing a role in her illegal dentistry practice and “jail-free” fundraising effort.

Albeit decades of struggle, the US remains engulfed in an opioid epidemic. Physicians have been incriminated over overdose deaths. And now pharmacists may be held liable, too, even if the prescription is valid.

The rise of gun violence in America punctuated by the recent Las Vegas mass shooting massacre have prompted the need for medical bodies to begin treating gun violence as a public health issue.
Convenient, yet controversial: First FDA-approved digital pill raises public concerns

With the latest announcement by the FDA, signalling green light for a digital pill—first of its kind—this marks a significant advance, as far as digital devices and healthcare industry go. Nonetheless, the ‘self-tracking sensor-embedded’ pill seems to be garnering concerns, from various groups, pertaining several issues.