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Medical School Nurse Interviews

The Communications Officer of Women’s Aid Organization (WAO), Tan Heang-Lee, talks about the organization and how healthcare professionals (HCPs) play an important role in identifying domestic violence.

Providing healthcare services does not come cheap, and it seems to provide slim profit margins for hospitals. On top of that, there are unclaimed medical bills—accumulated over the years—which leads to financial strain and difficulties to upgrade the services. Not forgetting also, with the rising cost of living, the healthcare prices have also increased—leaving many unable to pay their medical bills, and ultimately, the amount of healthcare debt to increase.

In a new blow to the NHS' struggles, it has been uncovered that GPs are being offered cash to not refer patients – including cancer patients – to hospitals for tests and treatments. Will the schemes help NHS stay within budget without compromising quality patient care?

While HCPs know that a romantic relationship with patients are not allowed, patients may not know about the law or the 'boundaries' of a professional relationship. 

Can healthcare professionals (HCPs) date patients? The simple answer is: no. The complex answer is: maybe, it depends. To a HCP – if the lover is a patient – it can be complex and unethical. But, should society be more liberal to this? MIMS Today sits down with a few experts to discuss this issue.

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has cautioned the public regarding the prescription drug, modafinil – in light of a recent case reported to the agency – of a woman developing life-threatening skin condition, after consuming the "smart drug".