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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Dr Nurhazinat bt Mohd Yunus, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist talks about the most common concerns that pregnant patients have regarding hepatitis B and how to counsel them.

Patients need to understand that herbal medications are not completely safe, and that these preparations, when taken with other drugs, can alter the way that the drug is processed and excreted by the body, enhance a drug’s side effects, or block the intended therapeutic effect of the drug. 

Dr Ahmad Munawwar Helmi, the chief coordinator for the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia’s Response and Relief Team (IMARET) shares about the organization and their role in assisting refugees, especially those in Malaysia.

The Communications Officer of Women’s Aid Organization (WAO), Tan Heang-Lee, talks about the organization and how healthcare professionals (HCPs) play an important role in identifying domestic violence.

Providing healthcare services does not come cheap, and it seems to provide slim profit margins for hospitals. On top of that, there are unclaimed medical bills—accumulated over the years—which leads to financial strain and difficulties to upgrade the services. Not forgetting also, with the rising cost of living, the healthcare prices have also increased—leaving many unable to pay their medical bills, and ultimately, the amount of healthcare debt to increase.

The festive season is marked by celebration, happiness and an intense yearning to explore the world. To prepare for an increased inquiry into travel-related health information, here are five useful tips for holiday seekers to stay healthy.

While Ramadan may be embraced as a time for spiritual renewal and reflection – health experts claim that beyond the spiritual rewards, there are many benefits to health, too.

Patients tend to take lightly the importance of oral care during fasting. Healthcare professionals should provide appropriate advice, especially for the month of Ramadan as Muslims fast continuously for 28-30 days.

Mai Chun Wai, PhD, shares the perks of being active in a non-government organization (NGO).

The ancient practice of fasting has been proven by studies to reduce risks of various diseases. However, it is on a fine line that may lead to starvation and dangerous health effects.

With the need for changes in the patient’s diet and medication regimes, healthcare providers should provide appropriate advice to their patients during this month.