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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Nurses are the patient’s most ardent supporters – they never walk out when patients are down and out; they celebrate when they are up and going. Although, they are the caregivers who have the most contact with patients, the recognition for the worth of their work is somehow, still lacking.

The World Medical Association (WMA) has recently approved a newly revised version of the Hippocratic Oath, at the 68th World Medical Association General Assembly, in October 2017—after a decade of stagnancy.

Burnout, a complete depletion of energy or strength, is one of the most widely used terms or descriptions; particularly, in recent years—as far as doctors are concerned. Despite the growing numbers among doctors who experience burnout, the issue has yet been properly addressed.

NHS can no longer afford to lose overseas staffs due to Brexit, NHS Providers reports. It calls on UK government ministers to take immediate measures in boosting overseas recruitment for NHS staffing and persuading existing EU staffs to remain.

Medical scrubs, the official uniform of healthcare practitioners around the world may be simple—but, the industry is worth billions.

As healthcare begins to adopt a new team-based approach, the word “doctor” can mean more than just one person. How does the actual doctor – and their patients – get accustomed to this new model?

Patients often seek doctors who understand their feelings, their worries – and are able to shed some lights on their doubts in a simplified manner. At the end of the day. all they wish for is to have doctors’ attention during consultation.

Since 50 years ago, the length of medical education and training has been pre-determined. However, should medical students entering the industry be judged based on the time spent on their studies – rather than their competency?

Singapore’s largest annual oncology conference, Frontiers in Cancer Science (FCS), celebrates its 9th year as the preferred annual cancer meeting which promises to bring groundbreaking and innovative insights to a diverse repertoire of cancer research.

A recent report by Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) presented at its annual conference outlines various approaches on how doctors can make their practice profitable.

Medical schools in the United States are taking a stand to fight the opioid crisis by making changes to their institutions.
Convenient, yet controversial: First FDA-approved digital pill raises public concerns

With the latest announcement by the FDA, signalling green light for a digital pill—first of its kind—this marks a significant advance, as far as digital devices and healthcare industry go. Nonetheless, the ‘self-tracking sensor-embedded’ pill seems to be garnering concerns, from various groups, pertaining several issues.