Check out Filipino Health Workers and Social Media: Top pages you must follow - Part I

The Ilustrado by Franchesca Grepo, R. Ph. (Facebook)

Franchesca Grepo is a Philippine-trained Registered Pharmacist, now working in the US as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Through her blog, and social media pages, Franchesca shares her accounts of life as an overseas Filipino worker.

Aside from her posts that look and sound as if they came straight from a personal journal, Franchesca also gives tips to her followers—mostly pharmacy students and young professionals—on effective study habits, and navigating through the profession.

Dr Willie Ong by Dr Willie Ong (YouTube)

Dr Willie Ong has established himself as one of the most significant trailblazers for Filipino healthcare professionals in the social media space. While he has strong presence in Facebook and Twitter, his YouTube page delivers more elaborate explanations of the topic he is covering.

He has done collaboration with numerous healthcare professionals including Dr Benita Padilla (on UTI, Kidney Stone and Kidney Failure), Dr Sharon Mendoza (Myoma and Ovarian Cyst), as well as law professionals such as Judge Ian Ramoso.

Dr Willie Ong is perhaps the ultimate definition of a healthcare professional turned YouTuber.

Dr Geraldine “Ging” Zamora Racaza by Dr Geraldine Zamora Racaza (Facebook)

In Dr Geraldine Zamora Racaza’s page, users are educated on the lifestyle choices that improve one’s well-being. Through posting exercise routines, dietary selections, Dr Zamora Racaza educates her followers on how they can prevent blood clots during long flights, and scoliosis.

Bonus: Doktor Doktor Lads by Ourlad Alzeus Tantengco (Facebook)

Ourlad Tantengco, or Lads, is currently studying MD-PhD in Molecular Medicine at the University of the Philippines Manila. While still a student, Lads is one of the most influential healthcare professionals in the country. His Facebook page reaches over 4 million monthly views, and an aggregated social media following of 92,000.

In his page, you will find topics that address general topics like holding back sneezes, early detection of brain aneurysms, healthy food choices, and many more. MIMS