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Matron Fadzilah

Human Resource Officer
Trainer of Rumah Solehah
Matron Fadzilah joined nursing in 1970 where she served the Ministry of Health (MOH) for over 30 years. Before running Rumah Solehah, Matron Fadzilah was a public health nurse where she worked in rural areas in Selangor, Pahang, Johor and Wilayah Persekutuan—teaching the community about health and nutrition. She has experience in midwifery and was responsible in bringing traditional midwives into the health system.
Expert Interviews
#WOW: Leading women in healthcare — Matron Fadzilah binti Abdul Hamid
Putting forward the notion that “women are healers," MIMS Today’s editorial desk brings to you our #HealsInHeels special feature—with a month of amazing, empowering stories—dedicated to our women in healthcare. Part 1 will showcase four leading women in healthcare who have contributed to the country’s firsts, who are inspiration to many and who are making waves in the healthcare industry. They are showing the world that they are women of worth—symbolizing a #WOW force of nature not to be meddled with.