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Dr April Camilla Roslani

Professor, Head of General and Colorectal Surgery
University Malaya
Professor Dr April Camilla Roslani graduated with honours from the University of Wales in 1995—and received her Master of Surgery from University Malaya in 2003, graduating top of her class. Upon completion of colorectal surgical training with the National University Hospital Singapore in 2007, Dr April set up the Colorectal Surgery Unit in University Malaya—and was appointed Associate Professor in 2009. She is currently Professor, Head of General and Colorectal Surgery in University Malaya.
Expert Interviews
#BeBoldforChange: Women who #dareto be different — Dr April Camilla Roslani
Putting forward the notion that “women are healers”, MIMS Today’s editorial desk brings to you our #HealsInHeels special feature—with a month of amazing, empowering stories—dedicated to our women in healthcare. In our Part 2 of this series, we will take a look at the journey of three women doctors who are carving their name in the surgical field. As they challenge the status quo, these remarkable women chose to be in a field most notable to be male-dominated. #BeBoldforChange, they are strong and brave—and they certainly #dareto be different.