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Dr. Wing-Kin Sze

Specialist in Clinical Oncology
Agape Oncology Clinic
Dr Wing-Kin Sze is a specialist in Clinical Oncology. Since graduating from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1987, Sze has devoted 30 years of his life in the public sector. To provide better care to cancer patients, Sze took a further step in 1993 by introducing palliative care and hospice service in Tuen Mun Hospital. In 2003, Sze established the Child and Family Bereavement Center to care for children and families who lost their family members. Sze was promoted as a consultant in 2007, and in 2017, he continued his mission to provide quality care to patients in the private sector.
Expert Interviews
Surviving cancer: How do we battle escalating costs of treatment?
In this exclusive interview, MIMS sits down with Dr Wing-Kin Sze, a clinical oncologist who has devoted 30 years to patients in the public sector and has recently switched to private practice, to uncover the causes of escalating costs in cancer care and, more importantly, how healthcare professionals, patients and insurance companies can collaborate to drive the costs down.