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Mr Walter Leung

Senior Nurse
Hong Kong Red Cross
Mr Walter Wai-yin Leung is a senior nurse who has been actively participating in various forms of overseas relief missions in Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, and Liberia since 2010. He has also engaged in long term poverty alleviation efforts, such as carrying out health promotion and disease prevention project within the slum areas of Manila, the Philippines, and looking after the sick and the destitute in their final days in Calcutta, India. In 2017, he was honoured the Hong Kong Humanity Award for his relentless service for the vulnerable.
Expert Interviews
3 Questions: Mr Walter Leung on providing emergency support at mobile health clinics in Bangladesh
In our next “3 Questions” interview series, we speak to Mr Walter Wai-yin Leung, a senior nurse and also one of the awardees of the Hong Kong Humanity Award this year. He has just departed to Bangladesh in September 2017 to provide medical service to the affected people.