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Prof. Vivian Wing-Yan Lee

Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Vivian Lee is currently Associate Professor of the School of Pharmacy and the Assistant Dean (Student Development) of the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong. In additional to her passion in pharmacy research and teaching, Lee has also established the first inter-professional community outreach team (CU CHAMPION) and served over 4,000 elderly citizens in Hong Kong. Additionally, she launched the first interactive online drug information (AMPOULE) to address drug-related problems for patients worldwide.
Expert Interviews
From outreach pharmacists to joint school outreach program
In this exclusive interview, Professor Vivian Wing-Yan Lee shares with MIMS how her team of outreach pharmacists grew over the years. More specifically, she explained how this community outreach service has evolved from being a pharmacist outreach service to a multidisciplinary program, serving more people in the society.