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Prof. Juliana Chan

Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Juliana Chan is a clinician scientist who graduated from The Liverpool University, UK with accreditations in endocrinology and clinical pharmacology. Since joining The CUHK in 1989, she has built up a 60-member multidisciplinary team to discover, disseminate and apply knowledge in the field of diabetes and its co-morbidities in Chinese populations. Based on the Hong Kong Diabetes Registry established since 1995, her team has validated a series of risk equations and discovered a panel of genetic variants predictive of diabetes and its complications in Chinese populations.
Expert Interviews
Public or private? Do Hong Kong patients have a choice?
In this exclusive interview, Chan fills us in on how directives from the government on public private partnership (PPP) and inclusion of the private sector in the management of chronic disease like diabetes are urgently needed to make our health care sustainable which will also provide an ecosystem more conducive to the development of innovative health care and biotech industry in Hong Kong.
We all know diabetes — or do we not?
In this interview, Professor Juliana Chan of the Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) shared with MIMS the dangerous consequences of poor diabetes awareness in the city, as well as her stories on how she and her team make use of big data to identify at-risk individuals and how these data can help combat diabetes.