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Dr. José Florencio Lapeña, Jr

Senior Consultant Otolaryngologist
Philippine General Hospital
Dr. José Florencio Lapeña, Jr. is a Professor of Otorhinolaryngology of the College of Medicine, Attending Otolaryngologist at the Philippine General Hospital, and a University Scientist III of the UP System.
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Otolaryngologist Dr José Florencio Lapeña, Jr on snoring caused by the obstructions in the nose and throat
MIMS spoke to Dr José Florencio Lapeña, the Professional Regulation Commission’s Most Outstanding Professional in Medicine for 2017 and Overall Outstanding Professional 2017 – 6th Eric Nubla Excellence Awardee, to discuss some of the most common causes of snoring in Filipinos.
In conversation: World’s most prolific editor Dr José Florencio Lapeña, Jr discusses the state of medical research in the Philippines
Named by Publons’ Sentinel of Science Awards as the world’s most prolific editor, Dr José Florencio Lapeña talked to MIMS and outlined the state of medical research in the Philippines: The gaps that need addressing, the efforts various educational institutions and the government are putting in, and his hopes for the future.