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Dr. Eliza Cheung

Clinical Psychologist
Hong Kong Red Cross
Dr Eliza Cheung specialises in disaster mental health and psychological first aid for her clinical practice, field work, and research. She now works as a full-time clinical psychologist at the Red Cross. Over the years, Cheung has also coordinated emergency mental health and psychosocial response and preparedness programmes in Hong Kong, Liberia, Nepal, Bhutan, Singapore, and various provinces of China. In 2015, in recognition of her unremitting contributions to the promotion of mental health in the community, she was honoured as one of the Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons.
Expert Interviews
3 Questions: Dr Eliza Cheung on providing urgent psychosocial support to refugees in Bangladesh
In this ‘3 Questions’ interview series, we speak to Dr Eliza Cheung, clinical psychologist of Hong Kong Red Cross, who has been deployed to Bangladesh in September to provide psychosocial and emotional support to people in Bangladesh.