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Datin Farah Di Ba Khan

Dietitian and the Head of the Lifestyle Modification Centre
Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC)
Datin Farah Di Ba Khan is a dietitian and the Head of the Lifestyle Modification Centre at Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC). She attained her qualifications in Bachelor of Science Dietetics from the US. She is also a prominent member of various organisations, e.g. Malaysian Dietetics Association (MDA), American Dietitians Association (ADA) and Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA).
Expert Interviews
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Debunking health myths, offering advice and panning out patients’ dietary management plans are just some of the day-to-day activities of a nutritional expert. MIMS sits down with two of our guest experts—Datin Farah Di Ba Khan from Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) and Mr Ng Kar Foo from International Medical University (IMU)—to answer our burning questions on the latest buzz surrounding this avenue.