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Amrahi Buang

President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society
Amrahi Buang is the current President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS), the national professional body for pharmacists in Malaysia. He sits in many Board of Studies and curriculum review committees for universities in Malaysia for pharmacy graduate programmes, and contributed immensely in the field of hospital pharmacy practice in Malaysia by bringing it to a world class status. This is through a fully computerised hospital pharmacy, a hospital-based sterile complex for production of parenteral nutrition and reconstitution of cytotoxics and an innovative community pharmacy outlet.
Expert Interviews
MPS President: “Stop using pharmacists as the “punching bag”; urges dispensing separation to be implemented
Two weeks ago, there were news reported on Malaysian GPs expressing their views pertinent to pharmacies “taking business away” from their clinics – further iterating many pharmacies are now “assuming the jobs of doctors” by diagnosing patients. In an upclose-and-personal interview with Tn Haji Amrahi Buang, President of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS), we hear the other side of the story to the constant debate on “dispensing rights”—as we discuss the Pharmacy Bill and the urgency to fix the national healthcare system—to provide better services, geared towards a healthy society and community.