Nurses who are fresh graduates can break into the industry by first honing their skills. Here we look at some useful career tips that will help them to succeed in the profession.

1. Keep career options open

The first step to take when searching for a nursing job is to first consider those that require lower qualifications. If the nurse is considering a clinical job, she can consider becoming a home health nurse or a nurse in a nursing home. There are several care agencies that are hiring more Registered Nurses in order to cater to the demand for patient care.

Additionally, non-clinical positions that can be explored are medical sale executives. One benefit of such jobs is the on-the-job training that is provided upon hiring.

2. Stay on top of medical news and trends

Once the nurse has chosen her job, she will need to perform additional research on the job details and background. She can search for the latest updates in healthcare issues, the company’s background, and the specific skills required for the position. Having the relevant information for the job will also help her ace the job interview.

Additionally, to be more confident during the interview session, she can find out more about the questions that she is likely to be asked by the interviewer. This will also help her to speak intelligently about the industry during the interview, or even when interacting with other medical professionals.

3. Join healthcare associations

Meeting other nurses and healthcare providers will be useful in breaking into the medical industry for the first time. In Malaysia, nurses can consider joining volunteer organisations such as MERCY Malaysia or MAKNA. Singapore also has volunteer organisations such as Singapore Red Cross, Alzheimer's Disease Association (Singapore) and Care Community Services Society that nurses can serve in.

Additionally, nurses may also consider becoming an active member in healthcare associations such as Malaysia Nurses Association, or Singapore Nurses Association. These associations require members to pay an annual fee to join. However, participating in the events can be useful in building up one’s portfolio and landing a job easily.

Online networking is also a good way for nurses to build up their networks. They can begin by searching well-established associations that are open for online networking. This will give nurses the opportunity to discuss and look at top news and trends in healthcare.

4. Determine unique skills and strengths

Prior to the interview, the nurse needs to clearly determine her strengths. She also needs to reflect on the skills that will make her an asset in the nursing field, and that are relevant to her job. Even in clinical jobs, employees will look out for useful skills, and among them are information technology (IT), accounting and finance, sales and marketing, human resources and administration. MIMS

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