The Hippocratic oath to first do no harm was severely breached by a physician from Ontario, Canada who over the years has performed countless acts of gross medical misconduct.

On many of these occasions, sexual harassment and abuse as well as drugging of patients were among the horrific charges pledged against Rajinder Singh Sekhon who did not contest any of these allegations.

Doctor with ulterior motives not governed by clinical guidelines

The appalling behaviour of Sekhon, a medical practitioner in Canada shook not only the medical board in Canada but has left the larger medical community reeling in disbelief. Multiple counts of sexual harassment while patients were being drugged as well as inducing addiction of narcotics in patients were among the unimaginable acts he has been found guilty of committing.

Sekhon went to the extent of threatening his patients into silence and withdrawal of their accusations, clearly representing motive of obstruction of evidence.

One may wonder if his behaviour stemmed from a mentally unsound mind as suggested by his sexualised comments blatantly to his former office manager which included “Big breasts, love to hold them,” “New jeans,your ass looks good in them” and “Does Dr. Sekhon need to spank you?”

The extent of his grossly inappropriate behaviour as a physician led the discipline panel of Ontario’s medical watchdog to say it regretted that it could only revoke his licence once, and not multiple times.

The doctor-patient relationship is based on respect

Patient H, the only patient who made a physical statement of her terrible experiences with Sekhon, wrote of how it took her years to trust her psychiatrist and family doctor and confide her problems and all that is now in vain.

“I trusted you to take care of me, to make decisions always in my best interest,” she said. “Instead, you took advantage of me for your own personal pleasure. You are a monster. You should never be allowed to provide medical care to any women ever again. You use your medical practice to prey on vulnerable women, feeding them narcotics until they become addicted to the drugs.”

“The committee is outraged by your long history of predatory behaviour in seeking sexual gratification from those who held you in a position of trust and power. You shockingly abused that power,” panel chair Dr. Peeter Poldre told Sekhon, who silently stood in front of the five-member panel.

Sexual relationship between doctor and patient isforbidden by ethical code

Medical professionals swear an oath to first cause no harm, and obviously any form of sexual abuse is unthinkable as it represents a territory of not merely misconduct but criminal grounds. Swift action to highlight the importance of this abuse that has been occurring without proper penalties in the professional realm is an important element which needs to be reinforced globally.

That bond and trust between a patient and a healthcare provider is almost sacred, and has to be respected. In any healthcare system in the world, we need to have confidence that we have a system in place to provide the appropriate measures to be taken against the offender while also supporting victims. MIMS

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