The doctor, Mohamed Amrani has long enjoyed an illustrious career during which he was credited for saving the lives of people all around the world. He is also well known for having performed the UK’s first double heart valve replacement using keyhole surgery, in 2007.

However, all of this came to a grinding halt in 2015, when he was accused of assaulting a number of women and promptly suspended.

Last month, a jury learned that he attacked the first woman twice – first in 2003 and then again in 2004 – in Harefield Hospital, west London. The victim accused him of grabbing her breasts through her clothes; but the judge described the events as “fleeting, unplanned, spontaneous outbursts”.

Attacks were described as workplace bullying of a sexual nature

The victim had complained to the hospital, but was simply told to "just ignore him,” as “he does it to everyone". However, the woman’s husband told the court during the trial that it was "a pretty devastating event" in her life. He also said that she was "very, very upset".

Amrani’s next attack occurred a decade later, in 2014, when he spanked a woman on the bottom, while at the Cromwell private hospital in Kensington, in June.

She explained to the jury that she had turned around and slapped him, to which he was reportedly surprised. She told jurors, "He said 'would you really hit me?' I said 'yes, I would'."

Although found guilty of these two cases and of sexual assault on two different women, Amrani was acquitted of four further counts of indecent assault, two of assault by penetration and one of sexual assault.

Doctor’s lawyer called him “exceptional person with a flaw”

The judge, Anne Molyneux, sentenced Amrani to six months in prison last Thursday but suspended it for a year – after hearing that an immediate sentence would end his career in the UK, the professional body, the General Medical Council could strike him off. Instead, she ordered him to undergo 25 days of rehab and pay £8,000 towards the cost of the prosecution.

The judge made the decision after concluding and telling Amrani that “the public interest may well be in favour of you operating again.”

“You are an outstandingly good heart surgeon, the court heard from an extraordinarily high number of people, men and women, from many different backgrounds including complainants themselves who gave evidence of your skill,” she said.

The court also heard how many of the victims were too scared to come forward as they were worried that the doctor’s reputation as a skilled surgeon meant they would not be taken seriously. Noting this, the judge told Amrani that, "what the incident demonstrates is your sense of entitlement and your instinct to rely on your power to do as you pleased."

Judge Molyneux, concluded by telling Amrani, "You have saved lives, you have done work others were not willing to do, you have shown commitment to the NHS, you have given time to work for charity." MIMS

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