A 43-year-old doctor, Binh Chung, has been found to be culpable in the act of administering drugs to his patients and engaging in inappropriate acts with them. He has confessed to having intercourse with three unconscious women, although he claims that they had provided prior consent.

Mr. Chung has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for his crimes which have been termed “incredibly disturbing” by the District Judge involved in the case.

The guilty individual claims that he only wished to “help people” despite being liable for several inappropriate activities including physical assault, kidnapping and recording of sexual activity.

Unconscious patients had not given consent

Evidence of these crimes came from Chung’s wife in 2015, Brenda Wong, who discovered video clips of Chung sexually assaulting his patients. These crimes are profoundly sinful and Chung is found to be related to two of his victims.

The victims involved were not in a position to provide consent as they had apparently been administered drugs such as ketamine, which is a potent anesthetic that can induce sedation in patients. Considerable amounts of ketamine had been recovered from Chung’s office during a police investigation.

When Chung’s wife became more suspicious of her husband’s activities, an official investigation was conducted by the police, which examined Chung’s computers. Up to “10 videos of child pornography” were uncovered during the investigation.

Along with Chung and his wife, a pharmacist, Wong, was also found to be involved in these crimes as he had not reported Chung’s acts to an authority at an earlier point of time. He had also informed Chung of a source from which the doctor could purchase ketamine.

The events that transpired at the trial

At his official trial, Chung claimed that he had “somnophilia” which made him attracted towards engaging in intercourse with unconscious individuals. He also stipulated that one of his victims was fully lucid and aware of what was happening.

One of his victims commented on this testimony stating that, “I never could have imagined he was a monster.” The prosecutor at the trial, Alex Chen, was satisfied with the way the trial went expressing that, “justice was served in this case.”

Whilst a total of 14 victims had been identified, only charges involving four patients would be explored in the trial. One of the accusations against Chung involved a young teenager, a 16-year-old girl. However, this is not the first time that charges of this nature have been made against Chung.

In 2006, allegations were made against Chung for inappropriate behaviour with patients. However, these charges were later withdrawn after Chung committed to “100 hours of community service” and seeking of professional help for his behaviour. MIMS

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