There are several common problems that occur on a daily basis in the nursing profession that have the potential to greatly impact nurses, so much so that sometimes, they find it hard to even wake up and go to work. But no matter what, they have to remain strong and take it all on in their stride. Here are some common problems that most nurses have to deal with:

Lack of respect

Nurses feel that most of the time, they do not get the respect that they deserve. Either from their own colleagues or even from patients; especially when compared to doctors. It is hard for nurses to work in an environment where there is no respect and teamwork. Teamwork is only possible when colleagues respect one another and enjoy working with each other.

In the nursing profession, there have been times when patients have been unbearable to nurses, in the form of unbecoming behaviour; such as being bad-tempered, stubborn, frustrated and many more. To make matters worse, some patients take out their anger on the undeserved nurses while others tend to even get violent. This lack of respect have caused nurses to see themselves as not mattering much and having no value at work, which is not true at all.

Low remuneration

Most people think that they do not get paid enough- it is a universal problem. Nurses do want to be compensated more for their job and they would also like to have more benefits. Nurses should be well-compensated for the hours they put in at work and the sacrifices that they make.

Always amongst the first to be cut

It is a fact that nurses form a huge part of the workforce in the medical industry. It is the same reason why when hospitals or clinics need to cut down their costs, nurses are always amongst the first to be targeted. As much as nurses know their job is challenging and rewarding, somewhere at the back of their mind, they also feelthat their job does not provide them with a secure future.

Long working hours

Everyone knowsthat the medical industry involves long working hours for those working in hospitals and clinics. Nurses, in particular, need to work long hours and sometimes they are given back-to-back shifts, especially if they are replacing an absent nurse. In this tedious line of work, nurses need to have great strength of mind and at the same time, have a certain amount of empathy towards their patients. It is hard to achieve that if they have not had time to rest and are tired.


Unlike other healthcare staffs, nurses have a lot to do on their daily schedule at work. When they are overworked, it becomes harder for them to juggle their tasks and carry out their responsibilities at work. It is a case of not having enough time to do everything. The nursing profession is perfect only for those who are good at the art of multitasking.

Increased exposure to infections

Compared to other healthcare professionals, nurses are more prone to catching diseases from patients if they do not take the proper precautions. This can occur when a patient with an infection coughs or sneezes in the midst of medical procedures. Besides using masks and wearing gloves as a means of protection, nurses should also spend money on supplements to make sure that they do not catch any diseases from the patients that they see on a daily basis. MIMS

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