The Davao Chapter of the Philippine Red Cross needs more partners to donate blood so it can meet the daily blood supply demand in the province. Only half of Davao's blood supply requirements is met every day.

Gwen Clarisse Cachuela, Davao Red Cross Chapter Service Representative, said they are only able to provide 30 to 40 blood packs from the 80 blood requests daily.

“We are not funded by the government and we solely rely our budget on donations and fundraising activities. Thus, we cannot form our own blood-letting activities using our own budget so we partner with companies and establishments,” said Cachuela, who was quoted by Sun Star.

Previously, the Davao chapter was regularly able to meet the blood supply demand, but their stock has gone down.

Hence, the Davao chapter is calling for more partners to collaborate for their blood-letting activities. The chapter gets it blood supply through private and government activities.

Eve with such activities initiated by companies, only 30 to 40 percent who heed the call are able to give blood.

Among the reasons why people are unable to donate blood are health conditions such as Hepatitis B or C infection, HIV infection, sexual contact with persons infected with HIV, and heart and lung diseases.

“We are encouraging private and government offices to initiate partnerships with us. We are just waiting for you and we are all ready to extend our assistance to provide all the blood supply demands in our city and neighboring places,” Cachuela said.

July was the National Blood Donors Month, and the Department of Health as well as the Philippine Red Cross, and advocacy groups led its observation.

The DOH and partner agencies called to give blood out of altruism, especially in times of emergencies when there is an increase in the demand for blood.

“The campaign outlines the role of every person in helping others in emergency situations by giving the valuable gift of blood,” Secretary Ubial said during the observation.

The country is targeting one million blood donation units to reach blood adequacy. But as of June 2017, only 486,500 blood units have been collected.

Those wanting to donate blood must be at least 18 years old, weigh at least 50 kgs, have a pulse rate between 60 and 100 bpn, blood pressure ranging from 90 to 160 systolic, and 60 to 100 diastolic, and a hemoglobin count of 125g/l. MIMS

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