In what seemed like a scene from superhero blockbuster “Wonder Woman”—a pregnant doctor at a hospital in Kentucky, US, paused the delivery of her own baby to go and help a distressed patient give birth.

Dr Amanda Hess was already fully dilated and ready to give birth to her child when she overheard nurses talking about an expectant mother, who was having difficulties in her delivery in the nearby room at the same hospital.

Baby in distress

The patient, Leah Halliday Johnson, was waiting for her doctor to come back to the hospital after his break to assist her. Nurses were telling her how her baby needed to be delivered right away as it was in distress. Dr Hess was already in her patient gown, ready for her own induction, when she came to know about the urgent matter on hand.

Upon hearing the difficulties that this patient was facing, Dr Hess, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, put aside her own condition and rushed to help the patient give birth. Soon after stepping into the room, Dr Hess realised that she had consulted and performed a check-up on Leah a couple of days before.

Speaking on this selfless act, Dr Hess said, “Doctors are always thinking of their patients even when they’re a patient themselves.”

“I just put on another gown to cover up my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me, and went down to her room, and I knew her,” she recalled.

Leah Halliday Johnson was suffering a difficult birth when Dr Hess sprang action. Photo credit: Facebook/The Sun
Leah Halliday Johnson was suffering a difficult birth when Dr Hess sprang action. Photo credit: Facebook/The Sun

An unexpected last job

Dr Hess joked that she thought she would be working until the last minute of her delivery as she had taken a call the day before, but ended up working “‘till the last second”. After helping Leah give birth to her fourth child, Dr Hess went back to her room and gave birth to her second child – a healthy baby girl.

On her part, Leah said that she felt very grateful that Dr Hess came over to assist her. Leah added, “I saw her three or four times, and I liked her a lot.”

“She wasn’t supposed to be on call since she was having a baby herself. I feel very lucky she was there and the type of person she is and stepped up to do what she did.” MIMS

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