The cost of healthcare varies between countries and is particularly expensive in places such as the US or UK. Many people seek healthcare in other countries which offer the same quality of care, but at much lower prices.

Here are some countries that many international patients seek care at.

Mexico - Dentistry and Bariatrics

In Monterrey itself, there are four first-rate American-accredited hospitals offering bariatrics and weight-management programmes.

Costa Rica - Dentistry

The World Health Organisation ranked Costa Rica's healthcare system slightly above that of the US. In San Jose especially, many dental clinics offer cheaper restorative and cosmetic work - crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures.

Antigua - Addiction & Recovery

Crossroads Centre, founded by Eric Clapton, offers a 12-step addiction and recovery programme. The centre has so far seen international patients seeking help, from 30 countries.

Barbados - Fertility/IVF

At Barbados Fertility Centre, a host of fertility treatments and IVF procedures are offered with at least 40% to 60% savings. Success rates are also increased as the centre offers a resort setting environment, reducing stress.

Brazil - Cosmetic Surgery

The Ivo Pitanguy Clinic is world-renowned for cosmetic surgery and many luxury medical travellers have visited it. The clinic even offers cosmetic surgery for pets.

Thailand - Gender reassignments

At Bumrungrad International, Asia's first American accredited facility, with 225 US board certified physicians and surgeons, the hospital welcomes over 400,000 international patients annually from 120 countries. It is well known for its meticulous cosmetic surgery, especially gender reassignments.

Malaysia - Health Screenings

Malaysia has gained fame globally for its affordable medical prices, with at least eight hospitals earning the Joint Commission International certification. Due to its advanced medical technology and facilities, health screenings in Malaysia are of global level, but come at cheaper prices, making it one of the best destinations to go for medical tourism.

Singapore - Cancer

Singapore ranks 6th worldwide for its healthcare system. For cancer, Singapore's clinics and hospitals are well equipped to be one of the world's best for diagnostics. Patients often visit Singapore for diagnostics and head home for treatment. John Hopkins International Medical Centre in Singapore specialises in cancer treatments and provides a cheaper alternative.

Philippines - Dental and Cosmetic Surgery

The Philippines boast an abundant number of skilled cosmetic surgeons who specialise in face lifts, rhinoplasty, abdominal tucks, liposuction and breast augmentation. It also has many hospitals and clinics specialising in dentistry all across the country, many used to catering to medical tourists.

South Korea - Cosmetic Surgery

It is no secret that South Korea is well-known for cosmetic surgery. Procedures are so common - 20 procedures per 1,000 people in a lesser populated country - that South Korea has had the most operations per capita since 2009. Half of the patients are international as prices are cheap and surgeons are skilled in many procedures such as face lifts, hair rejuvenation and double eyelid operations, among others.

India - Orthopaedics, Cardiology

India is one of the cheapest countries for medical tourism. Apart from the difference in currency rates, the country has a high success rate (98%) for cardiology at Harvard-affiliated Wockhardt Hospital which has performed over 20,000 heart procedures.

Israel - Fertility/IVF

Israel is one of the world's most prominent producers of medical instrumentation. They are also well-known for inexpensive fertility treatments with first-class facilities.

Turkey - Vision

Turkey has more American-accredited hospitals (41) than any other country. Eye check-ups and LASIK treatments are common for many tourists, especially at Dunya Goz World Eye Center, based in Istanbul.

Hungary - Dentistry

Many Europeans flock to Hungary to save money on dental work. Gyor, in Northwest Hungary, boasts more than 150 dental clinics serving international patients. MIMS

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