In a case of mistaken identity, this incident took place at the Shenyang Hunnan Xinqu Hospital in China. A man waiting anxiously for the birth of his baby outside the hospital ward was ushered into an operating theatre and given an operation on his haemorrhoids.

How did such an unprecedented and unfortunate thing happen to the expectant father; Mr Wang? Reports noted that it was actually the result of a patient mix-up. Instead, it was another patient who had completed his paperwork for the procedure who should have been operated on.

When Mr Wang was asked by doctors to follow them to the operation theatre, he went along thinking that he was going to assist his wife in her delivery. This is fuelled by the fact that the hospital only has two operation theatres, making Wang believe that they were taking him to the room where his wife was in labour.

Doctors then told him to remove his pants which struck him as odd because it was unclear how this would help him in delivering his baby. When he questioned the nurse over this, they replied that he should just do as asked. Trusting the doctors and nurses as medical professionals, he did was he was told without much resistance. Soon, Wang was on the operating table as the doctors applied anaesthesia and then proceeded to remove his haemorrhoids.

Ended up getting an operation he didn’t need- or did he?

After waking up from surgery, Wang felt that he was having issues with his body such as problems walking and feeling as though his rear end was on fire. It was only then that he realised that he had undergone a hemorrhoid operation. Unfortunately, his wife gave birth during his operation and he had missed out on that special moment of helping to deliver his baby.

He also could not see his wife and new-born immediately after as he was in too much pain and could not move. Wang became angry about his circumstances and demanded to know how such a mix up could occur. Reports noted that the hospital had offered him offered him RMB 5,000 (approximately USD $753) in compensation.

However, in a twist to the story, reports noted that Wang did in fact have a hemorrhoid problem but was not intending to get surgery for it. Thus, perhaps it was not all bad after all - just unfortunate timing for Mr Wang.

Other mix-ups

While he was unfortunate to have to go through this, Mr Wang’s story is not the only one with doctors operating on the wrong patient. In fact, there have been similar cases found globally.

In London, a patient underwent a lung operation that should have been carried out on his namesake. Instead, the one who should have been operated on was left behind in the ward. Also taking place in Britain, the wrong lens was fitted to the wrong patient -i t was then quickly removed and it was reported that the patient did not suffer from any adverse effects. MIMS