In general, men think they know better and that they are invincible. But you would think that when it comes to their health, they would listen to someone, who knows better, like a doctor? Well, some of them do and the rest of them are way too stubborn to admit that there is something wrong with them. Thus, this often leads them going to the doctor much later only to find out that their condition could have been fixed much earlier. Here are the reasons why men make the most stubborn patients:

1) I do not need help

Most men tend to think that they are fine. They are too proud to realise and admit that they need help, especially from a doctor because to them, it is a sign of weakness. If they feel fine, then they will not even bother going for a general check-up.

2) They become a headache for people around them

It is common to have households where the men do not think that they need to see a doctor even after much pestering by their family members. They will make up all kinds of excuses that sound good to them. But when they get sick, it is usually already at quite a bad stage where not only them, but their family members also have to suffer. Due to their stubbornness, these male family members become a headache for everyone around them.

3) Bad at remembering the medicines that they are taking

Compared to female patients, men are much more forgetful when it comes to taking their medication. Either that or they just do not care about the particular routine in which they should take their meds. If they are supposed to take their medication in the morning, but have forgotten about it, they think that it is fine for them to take it in the evening when they finally remember. It does not come as a surprise that most male patients often do not seem to remember the medicines or supplements that they are taking at the moment when asked by the doctor.

4) They stop taking their meds as soon as they feel okay

Some male patients think that it is alright to just stop their medication whenever they feel okay or whenever they feel like it, without consulting their doctor first. In their mind, they take their meds and supplements just the way people are supposed to take paracetamol.

5) They think they know better than doctors

What is common with a lot of male patients is they never pay attention to the doctor’s advice. Even after they just had a surgery procedure, they think that it is all good and nothing can happen to them now. This way, they disregard the doctor’s advice on what to do and what not to do.

6) This med does not make me feel good

Medications subscribed by doctors are known to have side effects and sometimes, these side effects are not pleasant to be endured by the patients. It so happens that some patients find it hard to continue these medications, all because of its side effects. And to them, if they do not feel good, they will just stop taking it, without confirming with their doctor.

7) I’m good, no need for antibiotics anymore

Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors for a reason. So when male patients think that they can stop taking the prescribed antibiotics just because they feel better, their bodies are left with strong microorganisms that could end up infecting other microorganisms in their systems.

8) Not going for check-ups

One of the most common reasons that men give when they are asked to go for a check-up is that they feel healthy, which, according to them, means that there is nothing wrong with them. They think that they have made a strong point by bringing up that “it’s a waste of money”. It does not matter if there is a history of diabetes, cancer or heart disease in the family or these men are overweight, nothing can make them go for a check-up unless they fall really ill and have to be brought to the hospital. MIMS

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