Living in an increasingly fast-paced world, we have become more reliant on technology. The medical world has also ridden on the back of technology to allow doctors to increase connectivity with patients, make diagnoses quicker and keep up to date with medical news around the world. Here, we have compiled seven healthcare apps that keep you up-to-date and organised.

1. PubMed

It goes without saying that PubMed is the number one go-to source when healthcare professionals and students need the latest evidence of a certain study. This app provides quick and easy access to PubMed on mobile devices.

Users can search for and read abstracts on a mobile device as well as tag articles of interest. Links of the articles can then be shared on social networks or sent through emails. Other features include links to PubMed articles in a browse and direct links to PubMed Central's free articles.

This app allows evidence to be found at the touch of a screen, making it extremely convenient and simple for busy healthcare professionals and students.

2. Ambulatory

Ambulatory is an office in an app. It helps with a physician's workflow from the beginning to the end of a patient's visit to their practice and works best on the iPad for office use when gathering information from patients, reviewing past patient records, taking notes and prescribing and refilling medication.

It is most useful for physicians at their own practice, as well as doctors based in a medical care facility or hospital with regular interactions with patients. It also allows patient information to be accessible anywhere and on-the-go, consolidating all data and patient information into one place, saving time, effort and money managing the organisation. The app also has a voice control feature for convenience.

3. GetDoc

GetDoc is created by the Jireh Group, which aims "to add value and enrich lives through mobility solutions and deliver better healthcare experience". It is a booking service for doctors and medical specialists and unlike other booking apps, it allows people to filter through available doctors based on location, doctor specialty, insurance coverage and crowd-sourced reviews, which afterwards allows to book appointments directly through the app.

All bookings are organised in an easy-to-read calendar format and the app also sends routine reminders to patients as well as their medical reports in their GetDoc account. A secure, built-in function helps doctors to relay test results to patients within the app.

This app increases flow of patients to clinics on the app as well as connectivity between doctors and patients, making the process more privatised, convenient and simpler. Find out just how easy this process can be by clicking on the link to subscribe for Singapore doctors here, and Malaysia doctors here.

4. ReachMD

ReachMD is an app that mainly generates audio content for medical news daily. It has an XM Satellite Radio broadcast (XM160) station that allows healthcare professionals to listen to content according to specialty, with various CME topics.

Healthcare professionals can participate in, discover and share medical education and clinical information through 24/7 streaming broadcasts and on demand features. Topics on ReachMD cover medical practices, disease management, clinical research and patient care strategies in over 8,500 medical broadcasts.


MIMS is a medical communications platform, which consists of a website and an app that sources latest general and clinical medical news from around the world to one platform. It also has a drugs directory that enable healthcare professionals to refer to, as well as medical calculators.

Simply put, the app is a mini-textbook with credible protocols for disease pathologies, saving time from searching through physical copies of textbooks and the haphazard process of searching through Google. It also has an interesting feature- the community platform - that allows healthcare professionals from around Asia-Pacific to connect with one another.

Apart from that, it has an events calendar that allows healthcare professionals to invite and attend events through the app.

6. 3D4 Medical

3D4 Medical is a group of apps that pride on 3D technology to dissect an animated, virtual human body, eliminating the need for cadavers. The apps are however strictly available for Apple products only.

The complex systems in the human body can be visualised through accurately illustrated 3D animations on various parts of the human body. The group has many apps for different parts of the body system, as well as patient and dental education. Many healthcare professionals, especially residents would benefit from this app through their training stages.

7. VisualDX

VisualDX is a confirmation system for clinical decisions that aids in diagnosing or recognising conditions that can be visible such as skin conditions. The app utilises a smartphone camera to capture an image of the disease, following which information of the patient is keyed in such as age, skin type, body location and severity. The app combines the information and matches it with high-resolution images confirmed by other experts and provides one or several results as to what the condition is. The app also has a tool for building a differential diagnosis. The app is available on Android and iOS devices. MIMS


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