Currently, few medical apps in the market focus on pulmonary conditions and diseases. However, there are six pulmonary apps that doctors can consider using, which may even be considered the ‘best’ in the market.

These apps all have different features and tools. From adopting a game-based approach to focusing heavily on medical guidelines, these apps are highly recommended for doctors. They can be used on both mobile devices and tablets.

1. Roche Blood Gas

Roche Blood Gas is an interesting interactive game-based app that provides medical students and doctors with ways to learn about blood gas. It features an interactive quiz that has three rounds of multiple choice questions and also six mini-game challenges.

Roche Blood Gas works on several areas of blood gas pre-analytics. Some examples of these are collection devices, anticoagulants, mixing, treatment, sample collection, patient preparation and transport, and storage.

2. GOLD COPD Strategy

The GOLD COPD strategy app is about implementing the standards for Chronic Lung Diseases. The app helps doctors to develop a sound strategy on how to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at their fingertips.

With charts and interactive tables featured, this app provides doctors with the COPD Assessment Test as well as the MRC breathlessness scale. The app also produces the scale total and helps to categorise the score. By adhering to guidelines, this app helps doctors to improve the outcomes of their patients’ treatments.

3. Lung Cancer Foundation

The Lung Cancer Foundation app can be used by both patients and doctors. It is the ultimate pulmonology app that doctors can recommend to their new patients.

It is an education tool and a disease tracking application which is useful for patients who suffer from lung cancer. The app features a comprehensive glossary of terms and educational videos that can help patients to better understand the disease that is affecting them.

The Lung Cancer Foundation app is perfect for doctors to recommend to their patients because it helps patients and their families feel empowered and more involved throughout the experience of their whole treatment. The Lung Cancer Foundation app is especially useful for patients who have recently been diagnosed.


The CHEST App helps medical students, doctors and patients to expand their knowledge of pulmonary, critical care, pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine. It provides the latest news and discovery, review topics and cases regarding diseases related to the chest.

For medical students, this app can act as a great resource for board examination preparation. It can also be used to access all the latest clinical information.

5. Bronch+

Bronch+ is a bronchoscopy training app meant for medical students and doctors. It is an interactive learning app with five short, key scenarios about bronchial procedures. This app features an introduction and overview of EBUS bronchoscopy procedures, fourtypes of TBNA, CT Image interpretation, the EBUS technique and the handling for biomarking.


CHEST SEEK helps to share and spread knowledge of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. The app features case-based questions to test the user’s recall, problem-solving skills and interpretation regarding these topics.

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