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5 recommended blogs by Asian doctors

Shira Anna, 15 May 2017
In this digital age, many professionals turn to blogging as an effective method to share their ideas and opinions with a sizeable audience. It is quite easy to find practising doctors who are active in blogging and other social media platforms in the US.

Those from Singapore and Malaysia, however, are usually more elusive or not given sufficient recognition. Although it may be useful to read up on current medical issues written by doctors based in the US, it could be more relevant if the author were based closer to home.

Here we look at five active blogs started by doctors based in Singapore or Malaysia. Apart from being platforms to provide information for healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals alike, these may serve as inspiration for healthcare professionals to start a blog.

1. DoctorxDentist

DoctorxDentist (DxD) is an independent and unaffiliated Singaporean medical blog. Founded by a group of doctors and dentists, it aims to remove the communication barrier between doctors or dentists and patients, especially Singaporeans in their 20s to 30s.

Currently, DxD has a small contributing group of doctors and dentists who work towards providing trustworthy and unbiased information in Singapore, as well as clearing up misconceptions on medical issues.

This group of healthcare professionals discusses current medical issues and provides insider information through personal anecdotes and recommendations of private clinics in Singapore. Furthermore, to encourage easy communication between healthcare professionals and patients, the public can send in medical or dental queries to the website. With a growing fanbase on Facebook, DxD works towards reaching out to more Singaporeans.

2. A Doc’s Life

The interjection of Singapore-style of speaking in these relatable short stories makes A Doc’s Life stand out from the crowd. The only catch is that this is an underground medical blog run by Dr. Og, an anonymous Singaporean doctor, and the only photo provided is one of a dog.

Despite its anonymity, A Doc’s Life often appears in the list of recommended blogs by other doctors’ blogs.

3. Singapore Psychiatrist

Written by Dr. Lim Boon Keng, a Singaporean psychiatrist, this blog aims to share recommendations on depression, anxiety, stress and many other psychological health ailments. He works in a private practice, treating individuals in all stages of their life, from children to the elderly.

His interests lie in depression, mood and anxiety disorders, adult ADHD/ADD and youth psychiatry. This blog is filled with a series of “questions of the week” and sections covering frequently asked questions, along with other issues on mental health.

The detailed and clear answers or suggestions Dr. Lim provides are approachable, reassuring and good-natured. To encourage communication with the public, requests for Dr. Lim to write on a certain topic can be sent in on the website.

4. Palmdoc Chronicles

“Palmdocs” are medical doctors who are heavily reliant on gadgets, technology and smartphones. Dr. Alan Teh, a Malaysian physician specialising in hematology-oncology and stem cell transplantation, manages this tech blog along with a small international team of contributing doctors.

Palmdoc Chronicles aims to emphasise the role of technology in healthcare, and includes reviews on the latest health wearables like smartbands that track heart rate and blood pressure. Through this blog, tech savvy healthcare professionals can gain insights on the usage of medical smartphones and mobile devices, along with medical app developments.

5. I eat I shoot I post

Probably deemed as the most established blog in this list, ieatishootipost currently has a large fanbase of around 280,000 on Facebook. On this blog, Dr. Leslie Tay coins his catchphrase “never waste your calories on yucky food”.

While he is not out in search for good food around Singapore, Dr. Tay would be in his clinic in Tampines practising family medicine. Ieatishootipost is a foodblog that deviates away from medicine, and focuses on Dr. Tay’s other passion – food and travel.

Having appeared on many publications and TV programmes, and also successfully published a 2010 bestseller book entitled “End of Char Kway Teow”, Dr. Tay is considered a reputable source for Singapore food reviews. This multi-talented doctor is living proof that doctors can pursue other passions outside medicine. MIMS

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