Becoming new parents can be one of the greatest phases that people may go through in their lives and they need all the help and support that they can get when it comes to knowing what is best for their baby.

Here is a crucial time where the ability to tailor effectively to the needs of new parents should be an important focus for every pharmacy. In addition, pharmacists can make a huge difference by being an important resource for these parents in terms of offering advice and recommendations based on their specific needs.

The following are 4 ways community pharmacies can help to support new parents:

1. Support breastfeeding mothers

Not all new mothers have adequate knowledge concerning breastfeeding and its importance, or receive enough encouragement to practice it. It would be helpful for new mothers if they can obtain proper advice on the different aspects of breastfeeding.

These may include equipments and products such as the different kinds of pumps, creams, or nutritional supplements that are available at the pharmacy. Therefore, community pharmacists are in a key position to provide advice on these matters to breastfeeding mothers.

2. Provide easy access to different range of pregnancy and newborn essentials

Pharmacy is often the place where pregnant mothers and new parents go to look for various essentials for their child, from diapers and baby wipes to baby bottles and formula. Providing ample choices and easy access to a different range of pregnancy and newborn essentials can be a great way to make it easy for these parents to get hold of what they need.

Pharmacists and staff can also help to make it less overwhelming for first-time parents by attending to their questions, as well as offering suggestions and recommendations as needed.

3. Answer questions regarding medications and products

One significant difference that new parents may experience when purchasing products or medication from the pharmacy as opposed to purchasing them at a retail store, is the fact that they are more likely to make a well-informed purchase at the pharmacy.

Expert advice is not something that parents can get when they purchase the exact same items in other stores. Not only that, they also would not be able to discuss any concerns or specific conditions that they have before obtaining a certain medicine, for instance. The advantage of having the knowledge, expertise and experience should be seen as an opportunity for pharmacists to support new parents in this matter.

4. Provide informative resources

Pharmacies can also support new parents by using the checkout counter as a platform to provide informative resources for them. This can be done by offering educational pamphlets, leaflets or brochures at the counter.

Some of these parents may only drop by the pharmacy for a quick purchase, but these materials allow them to have access to information that they otherwise might not be exposed to, and what they learn may in fact prove to be beneficial for them. MIMS

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