There are many reasons why nursing has long been considered a “female profession”; some of these reasons include gender stereotypes and the fact that there has been female domination in nursing. However, the belief that only women are suitable for nursing is gradually diminishing as more and more men enter this career.

As reported by Pillay (2017), there are more Malaysian men taking up nursing in the country today and estimates this to be at three percent. This is because the nursing field is becoming more open and rewarding.

Additionally, it is a professional career path that offers job stability as well as a good salary. For instance, in Singapore, a staff nurse earns an average salary of S$34,234 per year; a Senior Charge Nurse (RN) earns an average of S$50,903 per year.

For men who are considering a career in the nursing profession, here are some reasons why it is a great career choice.

1. Critical nursing shortages

Nursing shortage has been a serious healthcare concern since few years back. More alarmingly, several countries have reported of high turnover rates in nursing. In Sarawak, a state in Malaysia, the current ratio is one nurse to 150 patients, while they would want to achieve a ratio of one nurse to 150 people, therefore causing the demand for nurses to increase (Ling, 2015).

Like other developed countries, Malaysia and Singapore face the issue of ageing populations. This situation creates a larger demand for long-term care and respite care services. With that, more institutions and agencies are recruiting nurses; hence, having male nurses joining the profession may help to improve the problem for the critical shortage of qualified nurses.

2. Time to break the nursing gender gap

When men choose to be in this field, they are fully aware of the job’s gender stereotype. However, this may further motivate them to break into this female-dominated field. Certainly, there is no significant difference in the actual quality of care between male and female nurses can provide. It is essential for men who are interested in undertaking a nursing career to know that it is a valid career choice for them.

3. Many types of nursing specialty options available

Compared with other professions, nursing is one career that offers multiple work environments. Some of which may be particularly appealing to men, such as anaesthesia, flight, emergency, or trauma nursing.

Currently, nurses can choose to work in several different places, not just in a hospital or clinic. For example, they can opt to become travel nurses, plastic surgery nurses and even cruise ship nurses. There are also several specialisations that they can choose from; the wide array of specialties makes it possible for one to pursue one’s specific areas of interest in the field.

4. Salaries for male nurses are highly competitive

Even in times of poor economy outlook, nursing is a reliable career choice for many. Additionally, nursing may currently be female-dominated, but male nurses still generally earn more than female nurses, as in the case across almost all occupations.

Another financial incentive for male nurses is that this is a solid and stable career field that shows no signs of slowing down. As a career, nursing is consistent and reliable and the retirement benefits are often very appealing. It is also not uncommon for new nurses to be offered sign-on bonuses.

More hospitals and nursing schools are actively recruiting men to join the nursing profession; one of the reasons for this is the shortage of nurses. The need for well-trained and highly qualified nurses cannot be ignored, and men who are ready to shatter the gender biases and stereotypes will often start to realise that nursing is indeed fulfilling and can provide them with financial stability. MIMS

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