Doctors have been labelled compassionate and heroic, and there are some who are even risk-takers than others with medical stories that have been recorded to prove it.

Below are three doctors who have been in the face of danger during their career.

1. David Nott

Dr David Nott is known for his unholy combination of being a brilliant doctor and a globe-trotting adventurer. Other than being a vascular surgeon, Nott is also a Doctors Without Borders volunteer who often perform surgeries in the war zones.

As described, Nott seems to always end up in situations where he goes against the grain and saves the day all on his own. Other than successfully performing a complex surgery that he had never done before by receiving hurried instructions from a colleague through text messages, Nott is famous for the “Miracle Baby” story of Landina Seignon in Haiti.

Before the 2010 Haiti earthquake, six-week-old Landina was being treated at a hospital for burn injuries when she was left alone in her burning home. However, she was left unnoticed for two days in the rubble after the earthquake and her family’s whereabouts were not known.

Nott who was helping with disaster relief at that time decided to save her from a specific skull injury and brought her to London despite all odds. Additionally, he founded a charity to support Landina’s medical expenses and a caregiver. Eventually, Landina reunited with her family and a very specific charity was created to provide for Landina's whole family.

2. Lidia Soto

When a projectile had lodged in a stall owner’s face on the street of Mexico, Karla Flores was rushed to the Mexican Culiacan General Hospital. At first, doctors were unable to identify the object, but then they realised it was a live grenade.

An X-ray showed there was something stuck in her head. Photo credit: Daily Mail
An X-ray showed there was something stuck in her head. Photo credit: Daily Mail

The hospital was put on alert immediately, and the Flores was isolated while the hospital's patients and staff were evacuated.

However, the grenade had to be removed and most of the doctors refused to operate her. Finally, the hospital head called on for volunteers. Lidia Soto volunteered among the gaggle of hesitant doctors to remove that grenade.

Soto performed the tormenting operation in a field with two anaesthesiologists and a nurse as the grenade would take out anyone in a 32-foot radius if detonated. It was potentially the world’s first surgical detonation area jointly conducted by the hospital and the Mexican army that provided two explosive experts.

Flores was under only local anesthesia and was given a tracheotomy so she that she could breathe. After four hours of steady hands and calm nerves, Soto and the team succeeded the operation while Flores narrowly escaped death and was left with a large scar on her face.

3. Dominique Jean Larrey

As a surgeon in Napoleon’s army, Dominique Jean Larrey was known for his one-handed medical team due to the limitations in the battlefield. About 100% of basic equipment and procedures of modern military medicine was created by Larrey alone.

When he wanted a more efficient way to transport the medics and the wounded, Larrey commandeered a bunch of French artillery carriages and converted them into ambulances.

Besides operating the first efficient battlefield amputation and open-wound surgery techniques, he also invented medical troops and formed field hospitals. Apart from that, performing 200 amputations within 24 hours was also one of his remarkable achievements.

Due to his popularity, Larrey was even granted with an order by Napoleon’s bitterest enemies to not fire him. Even when he was consequently wounded and captured by the Prussians, the commander immediately released him as Larrey had treated his son. MIMS

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