With the advancement of technology, more bizarre health trends from all around the world are coming to light as the year goes by. Rumour has it that drinking hydrogen peroxide can cure a range of medical conditions and can be used for teeth whitening.

It seems that snorting chocolate powder is the legal way to get energised. There is also the notion that sleeping through mealtimes is the best way to lose weight. Here is a deeper look at three of the most bizarre health trends of the moment.

1. Drinking toxic hydrogen peroxide

This new trend has people believing that drinking hydrogen peroxide will keep them away from infections and will also somehow whiten their teeth. According to hearsay, the chemical works very well to whiten teeth, cure sinus infections and remove mucus.

This trend has been promoted by multiple blogs, websites as well as YouTube videos. Some websites recommend mixing hydrogen peroxide with water before drinking it three times daily. Others claim that it can be used as a natural cure for several medical conditions, including asthma, cancer, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome and fatigue.

But what these websites and blogs fail to mention are the number of people that have landed in the ER because of injuries sustained from drinking hydrogen peroxide, such as poisoning and stomach pain. While some of these patients claimed they did not mean to consume it, others said they drank it because they believed it would make them healthier.

Dr Ann Arens, a medical toxicologist at the Minnesota Poison Control System, slammed the harm this trend is causing by saying, “There are a bunch of website and YouTube videos. There's no science behind any of it helping. There's no benefit of doing it and it really opens you up to a lot of potential harm. It burns as soon as you drink it.”

Doctors in the ER department are puzzled as to why people would want to harm themselves by consuming a chemical that is so toxic that it can burn holes in the esophagus and stomach. Hydrogen peroxide can create oxygen bubbles, which will affect the blood stream and travel up to the brain, resulting in seizures and strokes.

2. Snorting chocolate powder

Coko Loko, also known as snortable chocolate, is a great way to get energised legally. This trend is being promoted as the ultimate replacement for caffeinated drinks, as chocolate powder contains the same ingredients like guarana and gingko biloba.

Once the chocolate powder is snorted, there is a buzz that lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. Some of those, who have tried it, have claimed it doesn’t work as advertised while there are some who became motivated to get things done.

It is currently being distributed by Legal Lean, which is founded by 29-year-old Nick Anderson, and sold in tins in the U.S. Though snortable chocolate has become part of the latest trend, it has not yet been approved by the FDA in the U.S. Doctors have no idea what its health negatives are.

According to an ear, nose and throat surgeon, the side-effects that come with snorting chocolate powder could be dangerous and unpleasant. Dr Paul Chatrath said, “We simply don’t know the negative effects of snorting the powder over a period of time.”

“The nasal lining has a good blood supply, enabling quick absorption into the blood stream so there are some very good reasons people want to try this.”

Doctors warn that there might be harmful residues in the powder that can end up leaving the nose and nasal passages blocked and dried out. It can also create burning sensations, which is an indication of inflammation. For now, doctors see snorting chocolate as something useless that does not make any sense.

3. Sleeping beauty diet

A great way to easily lose weight is to follow the Sleeping Beauty Diet, according to pro-anorexia websites. This trend advises people to sleep through their mealtimes so that they can avoid eating. The idea that is being promoted behind this diet is that if you sleep more, you will end up eating less.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet has managed to secure religious followers, who would do anything to stay on it, including taking sedatives and strong painkillers that will help them stay asleep. Those, who follow this diet without fail, are reportedly on a low-calorie intake and are also sleeping for about 20 hours in a day.

To most people, sleeping is easier for them than trying to avoid certain food items. It is one of the reasons why this diet has had such a positive response among those who have tried it. Several experts and dieticians have warned that this diet causes more harm than good, especially if there are sedative pills involved.

Linia Patel, a dietitian and spokesperson for the British Dietitian Association, said, “The sad reality is that sleeping for several days straight won't make thinner. If you do manage to wake up two pounds lighter you will wake up being potentially addicted to sedative pills which is not good news. If abused it would lead to death.” MIMS

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