It's that time of the year again—the time when we pick our readers’ thoughts about their jobs.

Last year, we conducted the first annual MIMS Career Survey, and discovered interesting insights from readers of MIMS. From the top reason why they feel dissatisfaction in their jobs (underpayment), to the main reason why they still stay on in their profession (prestige of the profession).

For 2017, we dig deep into the profile of the survey respondents: their years of working experience, their working conditions, as well as their salary ranges.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key insights collected through this year’s career survey:

Audience Profile

The survey was conducted between October and November 2017. Majority of the respondents are Pharmacists (37%), followed by General Practitioners (28%), Medical Specialists (18%), Nurses (11%), and Other Allied Healthcare Professionals (6%).

In terms of age, GPs (31%) and Medical Specialists (45%) fall in the 41-60 years age group. Meanwhile, most Nurses (55%), Pharmacists (33%), and Others (42%) are in the younger age group of 25-30 years.

As previously mentioned, respondents were asked of their years of experience in their jobs. Thirty-eight percent of them said they have been working as healthcare professionals for less than 5 years; 32 percent for 5-10 years; 17 percent for 11-20 years; while 13 percent have been working for more than 21 years.


Unlike last year’s survey, more than half of this year’s poll respondents are working in private institutions (67 percent), followed by those working in public institutions (19 percent), practicing in their own clinics (10 percent), or are in group practice (1 percent). We also received responses from those working in the academe, and company clinics (3 percent).

Salary has always been a sensitive issue to discuss with Filipino healthcare professionals—with most of them feeling overworked yet underpaid. In order to provide context as to why this is the case for healthcare professionals in the country, we ask the respondents for their salary ranges and found the following results:
  • The top salary ranges for GPs and Medical Specialists are PHP 30,001-PHP 50,000, and PHP 50,001-PHP 70,000
  • Twenty-three percent (23%) of Medical Specialists said they earn more than PHP 100,001, additionally, only 3 percent of GPs answered with the same pay range
  • In comparison, more than 90 percent of Nurses (95%), and Pharmacists (92%) earn less than PHP 30,000. The remaining 5 percent of Nurses, and 8 percent of Pharmacists have the pay range of PHP 30,001-PHP 50,000.
When it comes to the average number of patients they see on a daily basis, majority of GPs (25%) said they see 21-30 patients a day; the rest of the respondents said they see less than 10 patients per day (47% of Medical Specialists; 36% of Nurses; 40% of Pharmacists). (Read more: Comparing PH doctors salary with doctors in other countries)

It is also worth noting that across all professions, 12 percent of them said they see more than 50 patients every day.

Career Satisfaction

When asked whether their jobs satisfy their overall needs as healthcare professionals, more than half of them (54%) answered ‘No,’ ranking salary (1st), lack of work-life balance (2nd), and workload (3rd) as reasons for their dissatisfaction.

As to why they still choose to stay in their field of work, the top answer was that there was lack of better opportunities in other fields (33%), while 31 percent feel they have a fulfilling life despite being overworked, and still other claim their professions are still viable sources of income (13%).

Also brought up was the possibility of working abroad and 65 percent of the survey respondents said they would be open to it, while the other 35 percent would rather work in the Philippines. The top countries of destination according to the survey are Canada (28%), United States of America (27%), United Kingdom (11%), Australia (8%), Singapore (5%), and other countries (21%).

Check out the visual representation of the 2017 MIMS Career Survey below:

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