Brands are not just about clothes, food and drinks. Nowadays, branding is also an important concept for physicians and medical practices, and it is essential for them to establish their own brands. A doctor’s or a medical practice’s brand reflects what they sort of relationship do they want to build with their patients, among other things, and thus properly building a brand would help you as the owner of the medical practice in communicating your desired form of patient-doctor relationships to prospective patients. Below are a few tips on branding your medical practice:

Decide on the image of your practice

The first step in creating your brand is to decide what kind of image you want to establish for your medical practice. A brand is not just what your practice is about or what kinds of services your practice offer. It should reflect the kind of relationship you have with patients, and also the emotional attachment they have with your practice. Think about whether your practice has a good reputation among your patients, and if not, devise ways to reach that stage so the image you desire for your practice can become a reality.

Be consistent and reliable

A brand is not created on a whim – it is established through consistency and reliability. As the owner of your medical practice, you have to make sure that your brand and the perception of your medical practice are on the same level. Do not make a statement that does not correspond to your practice. The services that you have advertised should match the services that are actually offered by your practice, and not just for show. Overall, everything at your practice should be consistent with the patients’ experiences.

Memorable logo and colour scheme

Creating an eye-catching logo is also part of the branding process. It should be a logo that relates to you and your practice, and it should also be unique enough to stay in your patients’ minds. You should put your logo in and on everything that is concerned with your practice – your website, letterhead, brochures, signage, etc.

To create a strong visual impression, use a colour scheme that will positively affect the patients. Both your logo and colour scheme should be memorable, and they should work to convey your goals and experience as your practice’s brand.

Obtain feedback on your practice

Asking your patients for feedback on your practice has its pros and cons, but to successfully create your brand, you need to know whether you are heading in the right direction. Instead of being in the dark about your practice’s reputation, getting honest feedback from the right people will make things easy for you when you decide to make changes.

Put up a review feature on your practice’s website so that patients can post their opinions about your practice and the services offered. If there is negative feedback, you will know your practice’s shortcomings and fix them. Having both patients and staff fill in surveys is another good way of getting valuable feedback.

Not a picture perfect practice

Building your brand with the idea that your medical practice can do everything and anything is not the right way. Instead of perfection, you want to build your brand on honesty. Thus, it is best to stay truthful about what your practice can actually offer to patients. Patients should be able to know what your practice’s specialty is in and not be confused by the capabilities offered. Your brand’s message should be clear and properly representative of the service that is provided by your practice.

Stay updated

The key to a brand’s success is to evolve constantly. Over time, things in the medical world will change and evolve, so the best way to stay updated is to evolve as well. Every couple of years, the things that are related to your medical practice have to be refreshed and retouched. This will give your brand a fresh, modern look that indicates that you are staying updated with these changes.

In today’s world, patients have many more options when it comes to choosing a medical practice for services related to their health. Establishing a strong brand for your medical practice not only helps you to stand out amongst competitors, but it would also help to better communicate your vision of the patient-doctor relationship to prospective patients and better match up with their expectations, improving their overall experience. MIMS

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