• The importance of word choices in healthcare – Part 2
    Medicine is a powerful tool, but the language used is also significant. This is the second part of the two-part series on the importance of word choice in doctor-patient communication.
  • What does the artificial womb mean for the future of fertility and neonatal care?
    A groundbreaking study that could revolutionise the healthcare of premature babies in the future - an artificial womb sustained premature lambs for a month. However, can the device overcome societal, ethical, legal and political barriers to be the norm of neonatal care in the future?
  • Singaporean health experts warn against mixing supplements with medicines
    A recent study by Changi General Hospital discovered that many patients take multiple medications, as well as vitamins and other types of supplements. However, certain combinations of drugs and supplements may lead to harmful side effects.
  • World Immunisation Week 2017: "Vaccines work"
    The global vaccination coverage - proportion of the world's children who receive recommended vaccines - has reached a plateau for the past few years, mainly due to the MMR scare and anti-vaccine movements..
  • The many key roles of allied healthcare professionals
    AHPs provide a range of technical, diagnostic, therapeutic and direct patient care and support services to healthcare professionals and patients. They also work with other healthcare professionals to provide quality patient care.
  • The factors that lead to varied pain experiences
    Pain is often described as an uncomfortable, unpleasant and sometimes distressing feeling often triggered by certain stimuli. Less known, however, are the factors that contribute to an individual’s pain experiences.
  • 13,000 patients betrayed by doctors and pharmacists in $40 million fraud scheme
    In a massive medical fraud involving 26 doctors, pharmacists and business owners, thousands of US patients were given treatment and tests which were either medically wrong or unnecessary.
  • The importance of word choices in healthcare – Part 1
    Medicine is a powerful tool, but the language used is also significant. Here we look at the words that could be deemed as insensitive, and the alternatives that could be used instead.
  • In conversation: Geriatrician Dr Nur Farhan on diabetes management in the elderly
    Geriatrician at Raffles Hospital, Dr Nur Farhan, shares that diabetes among the elderly can be easily managed with appropriate diet and exercise modifications, along with proper pharmacological therapies and caregiver support.
  • Third new Zika cluster identified in Singapore
    While the Zika cluster at Flower Road/ Hendry Close has been closed and is under surveillance, a new Zika cluster has emerged at Highland Road/ Jansen Close, making a current total of three active Zika clusters in the country.