• Singapore launches e-platform to teach mental health first aid
    A new online program was launched in Singapore recently to better enable the community in supporting and recognising people with mental health disorders.
  • Unstoppable tears – the pseudobulbar affect
    A rare condition caused by a stroke made a woman cry uncontrollably — regardless of her mood.
  • 4 top nursing specialties
    Nursing can be hectic and demanding, yet the satisfaction that one gets cannot be computed in numbers. Opportunities abound for the nurse who is willing to expand her horizons, or courageous enough to move into more acute specialties like the ER or something vastly different as in academia.
  • Malaysian medical practitioners demand for removal of middlemen in healthcare services
    Doctors request for healthcare services – commonly controlled by third parties – to be regulated by the government to avoid exorbitant patient bills and unpaid doctor’s fees.
  • Patient death rates increase with doctors’ age, new study suggests
    As a new research study finds, there is an emerging trend that reveals the increase of patient death rates when the doctor treating the patient is older.
  • How accurate is a nut-filled diet in reducing the chance of colon cancer recurrence?
    Consumption of certain tree nuts has been linked to a dramatically lower risk of colon cancer recurrence, according to researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. However, the study was an observational one, making it impossible to determine whether a given behaviour caused an outcome; or instead, simply associated with the true cause. Are the findings still credible?
  • ‘TeleRehab’ increases accessibility to physiotherapy in Singapore
    With the introduction of the Smart Health TeleRehab system, Singaporeans can now undergo physiotherapy from the comfort of their home.
  • Gene therapy may reduce the burden of diabetes
    Diabetes is a major health concern in today's modern society. However, not all hope is lost as scientists have recently discovered that diabetic mice could successfully be cured with gene therapy.
  • Synthetic retina created for the visually impaired
    A team of researchers have successfully proven the viability of biological synthetic tissue for human use. Although this research is still in its early stages, it offers hope for the visually impaired.
  • Yoga: 10 basic poses for beginners
    Yoga studios are mushrooming all over. And while pulling out the mat may help us feel healthier and look better – the ultimate destination of all yoga poses is the inward transformation of the self. We are our own mirrors.