The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued a warning to patients with hypertension who are on a prescription of Ternolol 50 Film-Coated Tablets, urging them to check if their tablets are part of a batch labelled BG04645.

“If this batch is in your possession, do not consume it and return it immediately to the clinic, pharmacy or medical facility where it was first obtained,” said Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah in a statement.

“If necessary, seek clarification from medical personnel,” he added.

Batch contained 100mg tablets instead of 50mg

According to Hisham, the batch BG04645 contains boxes which label the medication as Ternolol 50 Film-Coated tablets on the external packaging, but the strips state them as Ternolol Tab 100mg instead.

Ternolol Film-Coated Tablets are a product of Hovid Bhd. and is registered under the Drug Control Authority with the registration number MAL19940057AZ.

The medication contains the active ingredient atenolol, and is commonly prescribed for use in the treatment of hypertension, angina pectoris as well as cardiac arrhythmias.

Ongoing investigation to identify source of problem

The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Department (NPRA) has already issued a directive to Hovid Bhd., the company that produces Ternolol Film-Coated Tablets to recall the batch.

According to Hisham, the NPRA and the manufacturer will conduct a thorough investigation on the issue to identify the cause of the matter. MIMS

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