The Medical Practice Division under the Health Ministry is investigating the events that resulted in two botched circumcisions that were recently reported, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH), which promised that the practice of circumcision procedures performed in the country will be evaluated to prevent similar incidences from occurring.

“Health practitioners in both private and public health facilities need to undergo necessary training so that they can perform this procedure competently and safely,” said Director-General of Health Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Two botched circumcisions within a month

The two cases of botched circumcisions were reported in December 2016, both of which took place in private general practice clinics. The two boys were referred to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) for further management, where they are still warded.

The first incident took place on 15 December and involved a nine-year-old boy.

“Apparently he had a circumcision procedure at a private GP clinic at Jalan Ipoh by a general practitioner on the same day,” said Hisham. “The glans penis was totally amputated during the procedure, using a pair of scissors.”

Before he was sent to HKL) for treatment, however, it was noted the boy was first referred to Desa Park City Medical Centre, which resulted in a delay beyond the control of doctors in HKL.

Surgeons in HKL immediately performed an emergency exploration and replantation microsurgery that lasted over three hours. However, it was reported that doctors had to amputate the child’s penis, and the patient is still warded for regular wound dressing.

The second incident took place on 20 December at a private clinic in Cheras.

“Apparently he had a previous circumcision performed at a private GP clinic one year ago, but the parents were not happy with the outcome of that circumcision,” said Hisham.

“Therefore, the parents brought the child to another GP at Cheras on Dec 20, where he had a ‘redo-circumcision’ procedure.”

The second procedure involved a diathermy, during which the boy’s glans penis was accidentally amputated. He was taken to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital, and then to HKL where surgeons performed a two-hour long operation to reattach the penile tissue.

The boy is still in the ward for observation.

Both boys may face psychological issues in future

“Currently both patients can urinate normally. However it is too early to predict other physiological disabilities they may face in adulthood,” said Hisham.

“As national referral centre, HKL specialists are trained and equipped to treat such cases. Both cases were managed by the senior experienced consultants ― a team consisting of plastic and reconstructive surgeons, urologist and also child psychiatrist,” he added.

“Both patients will be followed up regularly by our senior consultants involved i.e. Plastic Surgery, Urology and Paediatric Psychiatry. (The health ministry) will facilitate and try our best to provide necessary assistance to both patients,” Hisham also said. MIMS

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