There are many undifferentiated commodities available in the market, marketing is needed to brand your product and attract consumers. Furthermore, marketing helps to capture your patients' attention. If you have just established your medical practice, here are the ways in which you can market it.

Marketing online

There is plenty that you can do online to market your medical practice. Social media platforms, websites, video sites etc. can be helpful platforms for marketing. The more platforms you use, the more people you can reach online. It is important to note that different patients use different social media platforms. Hence, this is why it is best to market your practice on all the social media platforms available.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites, and is hence a great platform for you to market your medical practice. You can start by setting an official page for your practice. Once this is achieved, market your Facebook page by adding a link to it on your website, and encourage your patients to ‘like’ this page.


Twitter is a great platform to reach out to your patients. It is also a good way to connect with potential patients. Similar to Facebook, it allows you to interact with your patients online.

To market your medical practice using Twitter, you need to first set up an official Twitter account. The key to an active Twitter account is to 1) post regularly, and 2) make sure the content you post is interesting and attractive. Just saying it was a 'great day' at the practice probably won't have as much impact as 'Saved 10 lives today!', for example. Invite your patients to interact with you on Twitter by directing them from your website or your Facebook page.


There are patients who do not use social media platforms. These patients may prefer to keep in touch via email. These patients can be offered the chance to stay updated through e-mail newsletters sent on a regular basis.

Marketing offline

If your medical practice is new, it is important to make sure that you have covered every aspect, and an important way to market your practice is to make sure your community aware of your medical practice, internet-savvy or not. Places to publicise at may include schools, news outlets and even shopping centres.

Some effective marketing practices for medical institutes can include offering free check-ups, or discounted procedures for new customers. You can also volunteer your services for different causes, which will make you more visible to the community as well as allow you to gather some good karma simultaneously. It is of course best if these activities are performed in the vicinity of your practice.

Always gather and take heed of feedback

Asking your patients for feedback and opinion is key to ensuring your medical practice is both visible and attractive. Anything that can make their experience at your practice better should be implemented.

Make sure to also take the time to educate and to a certain extent, entertain your audience, both online and offline. Whether you decide to take an educational (healthcare knowledge) or entertaining (medical jokes, comics, etc.) route, your practice’s presence on social media platforms will be more meaningful with a theme like this. Anything that attracts patients to your practice is good, as long as you are setting a responsible image for your medical practice, and can live up to the message you put out there.

As more and more medical practices are set up today, the market has become much more competitive. Thus, it is crucial to embrace the various forms of marketing to stand out from the crowd and attract patients to your medical practice. MIMS

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