Every medical practice needs a good manager, and things are likely to become chaotic if the manager is not up to par. The manager is in charge of many areas of a medical practice on a daily basis. Thus it is important for medical practices to hire the right manager, not just the most affordable one. Here are a few tips on how to find the right practice manager:

Know exactly what you want

Do not set out to hire a practice manager for your medical practice until you know exactly the type of person you are looking for. If your medical practice is in poor financial health, a manager that is good in revenue cycle management and knows how to make money come in would be someone to look out for. If your staff turnover is high, a manager with good leadership skills, capable of supporting and uniting the team in your medical practice is crucial to keep staff and lessen turnover rate. You should also look further into the future, and find a manager that has the qualities to help you to realise your vision for the medical practice.

Invested in your practice

As a medical practice owner, you are also running a business. You need someone to look out for the well-being of your practice and are not afraid to tell you the truth, irrespective of whether it is what you want to hear. The manager of your medical practice, who sees things from a different perspective, is ideal for being that ‘someone’ – so make sure that the manager of your medical practice cares about the state of your medical practice and genuinely wants to help achieve your vision for the medical practice.

A profile of the ideal manager

As a rule of thumb, there is no place for someone who slacks and does not get things done in the medical world. The ideal medical practice manager should be able to several tasks simultaneously and still maintain a professional demeanour. They should also be able to spot opportunities and be good at time management. At the very least, the manager should be knowledgeable and aware of the good and the bad when it comes to medical products, vendors and services. Ideally, he or she would also be well-connected, always on the lookout for best practices that could improve your medical practice, and also be able to be trusted to not bail out when things get tough.

Check your manager’s background

No matter what sort of manager you are looking for, make sure to do a thorough background check before hiring the intended candidate. The most important thing to look out for is if the candidate has been banned by any medical association, or for a history of embezzlement. Check out the candidates’ references and get in touch with other doctors that the candidate has worked with, to better assess the candidate’s personality and work ethics.

Each medical practice has its own set of unique challenges. As the owner of a medical practice, you should not be afraid to take time and carefully sieve through potential candidates to find the one just right for you and your practice. Hire a good manager for your medical practice and they will run it well, leaving you time for more important things – like time with your patients. MIMS

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