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Medical School Nurse Interviews

Millennials – individuals born between 1985 and 2002 – are 186% more likely to be a registered nurse (RN) compared to a baby boomer. Coupled with the baby boomers’ retirement on the horizon, millennials are taking over the nursing industry, forcing health organisations to change the standard workflow to suit the new generation.

As the UK continues to struggle with its NHS, one expert says male nurses could be the solution to both shortages and gender inequality.

The UK’s National Health Service is looking to ease English language requirements for foreign nurses in its bid to overcome staff shortages in hospitals.

Recently, a national survey conducted across three states in the US, by a group of researchers, has revealed that patients report better satisfaction with their pain when a greater number of registered nurses and hospitalists are present on the ward.

Whether it be ushering a new life or calming the distressed, the desperate cry of life can break one’s sanity. Yet, many nurses have gone beyond their daily rounds, restoring not just health but faith in humanity.

The Public Service Department (PSD) has been urged to review the salary scheme for medical officers (MOs) – both doctors and nurses – to encourage them to remain in Malaysia. This is due to a recent rise in the number of medical officers migrating abroad for higher salaries.

A video showing Alex Wubbels, a nurse at University of Utah Hospital, Salt Lake City, being violently dragged across the hall and handcuffed by a police officer has gone viral – all for refusing to take a blood sample from an unconscious patient.

From discussing nursing education to work-life balance to gender bias, local nursing experts share their take on the country’s nursing scene in this exclusive interview with MIMS.

The new building for the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine has officially opened – and it teaches students to serve with “heart”, in a way that fosters collaborative learning.

A recently released poll has indicated that British people are aware of the shortage crisis among nurses. What worries them more is the inadequate supply of nurses to take care of patients in hospitals.

Problems on non-adherence among teens and adolescents are often overlooked. Compared to elderly patients, our young patients present a different set of challenges, when it comes to taking pills – diligently and consistently.
The puzzling origin of the smallpox vaccine

Since its first inception by the father of vaccination, Edward Jenner, smallpox has been successfully eradicated from the world in 1980. The vaccine has saved countless lives from succumbing to smallpox, and though its success is acknowledged, little is known about its composition. New findings show that smallpox vaccine is made up of horsepox – not cowpox, as originally believed.